Kogan Mobile deal: 17GB of data for under $5

Kogan Mobile is all about offering long-term savings for new customers, and the telco’s latest deal is no exception. For a limited time, the prepaid provider is giving customers an 85% discount on a Large 90-day plan, slashing prices down to $14.90.

For less than $15 in total, you’ll get three months of unlimited standard calls and texts in Australia, plus 17GB of data every 30 days. This works out at around $4.97 each month, with no hidden fees or setup costs.

After your first 90-day plan expires, your pricing will revert back to the standard $99.90 charge for your next three months. However, as all plans are prepaid, contract-free, and SIM-only, you’re free to switch plans or providers after your initial 90 days with Kogan Mobile.

To give you an idea of what Kogan Mobile offers, if you were to grab the same 17GB of data on Kogan’s month-to-month 30-day plan, you’ll pay $36.90, and on a 365-day plan, $399.90 in total (or around $33 every 30 days). Kogan is offering the same $14.90 deal on its Small and Medium 90-day plans, although you’ll get significantly less data: the Small plan features 3GB every 30 days, while the Medium includes 7GB each month. So if you’re thinking of making a move to Kogan, the Large 17GB plan is definitely the best value for money.

How does Kogan Mobile compare?

As Kogan’s plans are bring-your-own-phone deals, the $14.90 promo is a great option for anyone happy with their handset, but in search of lower plan prices. Compared to other prepaid providers, Kogan is offering a pretty great deal: currently, Lebara Mobile, OVO Mobile and Lycamobile have all cut prices on comparable SIM-only plans, but only for the first month (and only if you sign up online).

Probably one of the best competing limited-time-only deals is the above promotion from OVO Mobile, which is offering a 50% discount on its Large mobile plan for new customers. Sign up before 29 October, and you can enjoy 15GB of data, plus unlimited national talk and text and 300 international minutes, for $17.48 for your first 30 days; however, this price will revert back to $34.95 from your second month.

Whichever provider you go with, you’re normally looking at around $30 per month or more for similar data inclusions on a prepaid plan – not including promotional prices. So if you’re happy to give Kogan Mobile a try – and are happy with the Vodafone 4G network that powers Kogan Mobile’s plans – you’ll need to sign up before midnight on 24 October, 2018.

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