LG patents foldable smartphone with two screens


The possibilities of the smartphone have doubled, with electronics giant LG successfully patenting a new type of handset that will include two screens, two batteries and two headphone jacks, allowing users to watch two separate videos simultaneously.

Labelled a ‘Mobile Terminal’ in the patent papers, LG is the first of the big phone companies to have its patents pass the 18-month review process, with companies such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo and Huawei also reportedly working on their own models.

The patented model, which will be classified as a ‘foldable’ phone, looks to have two display screens that are connected by a central hinge, allowing the phone to be opened just like a book. LG plans to have one of the screens curved, while keeping the other screen completely flat to allow for easy use.

Other features include a fingerprint scanner for security, front-facing cameras on both screens, as well as curved edges which will display the time and notifications.

While LG isn’t the first company to create dual-screen technology, with Chinese manufacturer ZTE releasing the Axon M last year, LG is the first to provide a model with two battery sources and two headphone jacks.

For those unlikely to share, one screen can be used as a keyboard when put into landscape mode, or to become a second viewing screen when held in portrait mode. No information has been released as to the sizes of the screen.

Will a foldable phone be worth it?

With mobile phones becoming more and more engrained within our daily lives, both for work and for play, it seems there isn’t much that they can’t do. While there may still be a fair amount left unknown about the new LG model, the foldable phone looks set to change how phones keep us entertained.

With a recent Canstar Blue report showing that Aussie consumers are split between the big brands and smaller brands, a new foldable model may be the defining moment in LG cornering a larger share of the competitive phone market.

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