Amaysim customers get data ‘bonus’


amaysim captureWhen it comes to your mobile phone plan, getting an email from your service provider telling you that it’s increasing your data allowance, at no extra cost, is the stuff of dreams. That’s exactly the news that customers of Amaysim have been getting this week. But like a lot of offers that sound too good to be true, there is a small catch.

Amaysim has announced that the data and international call inclusions of all its Unlimited mobile plans will be bumped up from the end of March 2016. The problem is, it’s also reduced plan expiry times from 30 to 28 days. That might not seem like much, but over the course of a year, that effectively means you’ll be paying for an extra month. So that bonus data isn’t as free as you first thought! That’s not to say you’re not getting your money’s worth though, because it’s still a pretty good deal.

For example, customers on Amaysim’s Unlimited 2GB ($29.90) recharge will see their data allowance increase from 2GB to 3GB. But with a shorter expiry time, they will actually end up paying about $26 more over the course of the year – from $363.78 to $389.77. Customers on Amaysim’s Unlimited 8GB ($49.90) recharge will end up paying an extra $43 a year.

Sure, you’ll get extra data and international calls to 10 countries (if you use then), but it’s perhaps not the amazingly generous deal you first thought. An extra $26 a year might not be much money to some people – and you could make a case that the extra inclusions are reasonable value – but this should be a lesson in reading the fine print and understanding exactly what you’re getting, especially when your plan will be automatically changed.

Amaysim claims the expiry time changes will make it simpler for Aussies to make like-for-like comparisons between BYO prepaid plans in the market.

So, what are the changes?

Across the board, Amaysim’s five Unlimited plans will be boosted with between 500MB and 2GB of extra data, as well as unlimited international calls to Amaysim’s “ten most called countries” which include China, the UK and USA.

From March 31, the following data changes will apply:

  • Amaysim’s Unlimited 5GB and Unlimited 5GB Plus plans will come with an extra 2GB of data, making them Unlimited 7GB and Unlimited 7GB Plus respectively.
  • Amaysim’s Unlimited 2GB and Unlimited 8GB plans will get an extra 1GB of data, making them Unlimited 3GB and Unlimited 9GB respectively.
  • Amaysim’s Unlimited 1GB plan will come with an additional 500MB of data, meaning it will be renamed Unlimited 1.5GB.

The prices remain the same, but with expiry dates cut from 30 days to 28 days.

Amaysim’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Balint, said: “The telco market is flooded with promotions and one-off offers which are anything but simple. At Amaysim, what you see is what you get and what we’re offering is really compelling. It is the next step on our mission to make mobile plans amazingly simple.

“We’re pleased to not only be able to help remove the worries that come with choosing a mobile plan but to also give Aussies who are already with Amaysim more of what they want for the same renewal price. It’s also worth noting that unlike our competitors the revised plans will be available to all of our existing customers, not just the new ones.”

Amaysim customers will be automatically moved onto the new plans from March 31.

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