Moose Mobile drops 1¢ phone plan!

Disclaimer: This offer is no longer available. 

If you’re a mobile plan enthusiast (or simply savvy about saving), you may remember Moose Mobile’s limited-time 10-cent plan promo from October of this year. The low-cost telco has been offering new customers a starting price of just 10 cents for their first month on two selected SIM-only plans, along with no lock-in contracts and the freedom to cancel at any time.

But if you haven’t yet taken advantage of the above promo, you’re in luck, because the pricing has been cut to just one cent for your first month – and with no sign-up costs, shipping charges, or SIM card fees, it’s basically a free trial for prospective Moose Mobile customers. As long as you don’t exceed your data limit!

Moose Mobile: what you’ll get for one cent

The deal is available exclusively on Moose Mobile’s Moose 9, Moose 14 and Moose 19 month-to-month SIM-only plans. The $9 entry-level plan is ideal for low-level users, with 200 minutes of included calls, unlimited national and international SMS, and 1GB of monthly data. If you opt for the $14 plan, you’ll get unlimited national calls, unlimited national and international SMS, plus 1.5GB of data each month, with the $19 plan including 2.5GB.

Sign up to either of these plans on a month-to-month basis, and you’ll score your first month of Moose Mobile service for a single cent. After your initial month, plan fees will revert back to standard prices: $9 per month for the Moose 9 plan, $14 monthly for Moose 14, and $19 for Moose 19. There’s no cost to quit your plan after the first month, and no extra fees; however, you may be billed if you exceed your plan’s data or call allowance, or make international or non-included calls.

Why try Moose Mobile?

Moose Mobile CEO, Dean Lwin, sees the new offer as a no-risk way for curious customers to test out the telco’s plans and service.

“We’re giving people the opportunity to try us for just one cent with no contract,” he said. “So if we don’t give them great service and coverage, they can simply leave – they have nothing to lose.”

Even without the one-cent deal, Moose Mobile remains an extremely competitive alternative to Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. Mr. Lwin states that current big-telco customers can “easily save 50%” on mobile bills by making the switch to Moose Mobile; you’re also free to port your existing number from your current mobile plan.

If coverage is a concern, Moose Mobile runs on Optus’ 4G Plus and 3G networks across Australia. The Moose 9, Moose 14 and Moose 19 month-to-month plans feature 4G Plus coverage, and data speeds on Moose Mobile plans are identical to what you’ll experience with Optus.

Other Moose Mobile Plans

Moose Mobile’s one cent promotion targets customers with small-to-average data and usage needs, but the telco does offer plans with a higher gigabyte allowance. If you’re a heavier data user, you can currently score 10GB for $25 monthly on the Moose 25 plan, or 18GB for $39 with the Moose 39 option (both without lock-in contracts).

In addition to month-to-month plans, Moose Mobile also sells service on 12-month contracts. If you’re happy to sign on for a year, Moose Mobile’s 12-month options offer more data for your money, but be aware that the above one cent promotion doesn’t apply to these plans.

Moose Mobile’s new one cent promo is available now, but only for a limited, unspecified time. So if you’re looking for a new, affordable mobile plan  – and have a phone you’re planning to keep – taking Moose for a test run could lead to some serious long-term savings.

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