Moose Mobile not horsing around with latest SIM-only plan

Already one of the cheapest no lock-in MVNOs on the Optus Network, Moose Mobile has again updated its postpaid plans to deliver awesome value.

The telco is known for offering some great SIM-only promo deals – both on its month-to-month plans, or as 12-month contracts – but its newest plan changes are now available on a permanent basis. 

Moose Mobile has now eliminated its top-level Moose 47 and Moose 78 12-month plans (which used the Optus 3G network), and replaced them with the Moose 40 12 Month Plan. This $40 plan includes 23GB of data on the Optus 4G network, along with unlimited national calls and text, plus $400 worth of international call credit.

The telco has also added special promo prices on selected mid-level plans. Currently, the Moose 34 month-to-month plan is running at a special price: only $25 per month, down from $34. This includes 10GB of data on the Optus 4G network, plus unlimited national calls and text.

If you’re after a 12-month plan, you can grab the Moose 29 plan for $23 per month (down from $29), which includes 10GB of 4G data and unlimited national calls and text. The Moose 35 plan is now available for $29 per month (down from $35), and includes 18GB of 4G data, with unlimited national calls and text and $400 of international call credit.

How does Moose Mobile compare?

While Moose Mobile has a reputation for having some of the cheapest SIM-only plans around, it’s worth looking at how these plans stack up against the other telcos, especially as many providers are starting to bolster the data on offer.

However, this latest deal from Moose Mobile does offer a good amount of gigabytes, and is cheaper by at least $9 compared to other telcos with similar data amounts.

The Telstra $49 Mobile BYO Plan currently includes a bonus data offer. However, the base data allowance on this plan is 15GB, so without the additional 15GB bonus, you would be paying more for less data. Telstra does make up for it with some great inclusions, including free streaming of select live sports and access to free WiFi with Telstra Air hotspots.

Exetel offers a good deal on the Plus 4G 12-month plan, which includes 23GB of 4G data, plus unlimited overseas texts in addition to $500 of international call value. Southern Phone also offers good value, with plans running on either the Optus or Telstra network. The most comparable deal from this telco is the Green 50 12-month plan, running on the Optus 4G network with 23GB of data included.

The Red Plus SIM Only Plan from Vodafone, while the more expensive plan, does offer the most data at 40GB for $60 over 12 months. There is currently a bonus 40GB of data on this plan; however, time is almost up to make the most of this offer, as it expires on 27 November, 2018.

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