Nokia 3310 set for dramatic return


The legendary Nokia 3310 appears set for a dramatic return. That’s right, the handset universally admired for its ease of use, durability and longevity could be back in your hands in a matter of months. Well, if you’re prepared to swap your new smartphone for it…

While the mobile world has moved on leaps and bounds since the 3310 was first launched in the year 2000, it appears there is still enough nostalgia in the air for one last hurrah. And game of Snake.

Finish tech company HMD Global Oy now owns exclusive rights to make phones under the Nokia name, and is tipped to announce four new ‘retro handsets’ at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress – an event usually associated with the launch of the latest smartphone gadgets.

It’s thought the new Nokia 3310 would retail for around $80, targeted at consumers who would like a reliable ‘second phone’. Plus those who want to play Snake again, of course.

The good old days

Launched in 2000, the Nokia 3310 quickly became one of the biggest-selling mobile phones ever, with more than 120 million handsets worldwide. The beloved ‘brick’ phone was praised for its hardiness, and is still probably widely used and enjoyed as a durable back-up phone today. You can still buy them on Amazon!

The Nokia 3310 was also praised for its battery life, able to last a massive 55 hours on standby. We don’t envision many smartphones could top that today.

In all its retro beauty, the 3310 was lauded for its nifty ‘tech’ features. It was one of the first mobile phones to introduce vibration alerts, and had an extended SMS character limit up to 459 characters!

More than 30 different ringtones were built into the phone, with space for seven more custom ones – remember when you could text a number and buy a mono ringtone of a Britney Spears track?! For discreteness, you could also turn the 3310 to silent.

You also had a choice of screen savers, and the phone even featured voice dialing – using your voice to instruct the phone to call people saved in your contacts list – which was pretty groundbreaking in its day. Beyond that, 3310 users were able to customise their phones with plastic snap-on covers, which were commonly found in mobile kiosks in every shopping centre in Australia, not to mention at all those variety and $2 shops.

We’re not really suggesting you can compare the Nokia 3310 with the iPhone 7. But just for fun… which is best?

Nokia 3310 vs iPhone 7

Nokia 3310 iPhone 7
Snake game No Snake game
55 hours battery life from its 900 mAh li-ion battery Lucky to get a day’s charge from its 1960 mAh li-ion battery
459 character limit for texts iMessage that uses data and can affect your battery life further
Could neglect and drop it all day long Screen can shatter if you drop it off a table
Send an easy text to get your own custom ringtone for between $2 and $5 A convoluted method to make your own ringtone from a pop song
Trendy snap-on plastic phone cases Oft-expensive cases that can make the phone bulkier
113mm x 48mm x 22mm – 133g 138.3mm x 67.1mm x 7.1mm – 138g

Phone plans for your new old Nokia 3310

Even if you’re intrigued to learn that the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback, we suspect it won’t exactly replace your fancy smartphone. Rather, it might act as a handy backup if you drop your smartphone in a puddle, or off the table!

In terms of plans, we suspect going the prepaid plan option with a long expiry is your best bet, so you can recharge when you like, and spend little. You also won’t need data. There are a few options in this guise.

TPG offers a $1 option over 30 days with pay-as-you-go (PAYG) calls and texts, but you will be slugged $30 upfront. Yomojo has a $7 plan over 30 days and you’ll get a handy 100 minutes for calls. Vodafone MyMix options come into the fray as well – you’ll get to create your own plan with its own expiry period! Telstra also has some handy prepaid starter kits with varying expiry periods – anywhere from 28 days to 365 days. ALDI Mobile is also a very enticing option, with a 365 day recharge and dirt-cheap call and text rates.

It may have been ‘unbreakable’, but the Nokia 3310 was a groundbreaking phone in its day. Its durability and long battery life, combined with handy features and enduring design, made it a firm favourite, and we imagine it’s still regularly used by some people today.

The news that the 3310 is coming back is exciting, but there is much to be seen about whether it will be the ‘same’. If you’re interested in renewing your love affair with the 3310, then you could get away with some pretty cheap plans, as you obviously won’t need data for internet access. There are a number of plans worth looking into if the 3310 is to make a return to your pocket.

Compare Prepaid Plan Providers

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