Optus’ SIM-only summer deal: 80GB for just $41

If you’re after a big-data mobile plan that won’t blow your budget – and you’re not afraid of a 12-month contract – Optus’ SIM-only Promo Plus plans offer some serious value. And if you jump on board now, you can save more than $200 over your 12-month plan, thanks a new, low-key price cut for online customers.

Already available as a limited-time-only deal, Optus‘ $55 My Promo Plus plan has been discounted online by 25% until 3 February, 2019, giving buyers huge data inclusions (and plenty of awesome extras) for just over $40 per month.

International talk, data-free streaming, and more

Now priced at $41.25, the Optus plan includes unlimited standard national talk and text – plus a massive 80GB of data every month – in addition to unlimited standard international talk and text to 35 countries. Selected countries include Canada, China, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam (plus 22 more).

These inclusions make the plan a great deal for anyone who considers overseas calls and texting essential, but keep in mind that data roaming and phone use outside Australia isn’t included: roaming is instead available via add-on travel packs, or at pay-as-you-go rates.

In addition to serious data and international extras, Optus’ Promo Plan also includes data-free music streaming from Spotify, Google Play and iHeartRadio, plus subscriptions to Optus Sport and the National Geographic app.

If you sign up online, you’ll also receive free mobile TV streaming, which gives you data-free access to Netflix, Stan, and ABC’s iView apps (albeit limited to 1.5Mbps, or standard definition video only). Normally priced at $5 per month, this feature is currently free to online customers signing up to the $55 Promo Plus plan over 12 months.

Overall, it’s a seriously competitive offer for for SIM-only customers. If you’ve got your own phone, and have no plan to buy a new device on-contract for the next 12 months, Optus’ discounted plan offers a total saving of $225 over a full year: $165 in plan fees, and $60 for access to mobile TV streaming.

Optus vs. Telstra and Vodafone

Compared to its major big-name competitors, Optus’ plan is a standout offering. However, Vodafone and Telstra’s respective SIM-only options still pack in plenty of monthly value, especially for customers looking to avoid data overage fees.

Telstra SIM-only plans

If you’re considering Telstra, new customers have three SIM-only options: 30GB for $49 per month, 60GB for $59 per month (normally $69 but with $10 credit applied) or 90GB for $89. These plans are available only on 12-month contracts and include bonus data each month.

You’ll also get included ‘Peace of Mind’ data, which is unlimited data restricted to speeds of 1.5Mbps – so both options are essentially ‘unlimited’ plans with an included high-speed data allowance.

Existing Telstra customers looking to re-contract can also select the same plans, however the $49 plan will be an additional $10 if you want to switch on ‘Peace of Mind’ data. All of the above Telstra plans come with unlimited Telstra Air WiFi hotspot access, unlimited data-free Apple Music streaming, and data-free live sport streaming from the AFL, AFLW, NRL, Hyundai A-League and Australian netball.

Vodafone SIM-only plans

Vodafone has a 12-month unlimited data offer for $50 per month, which includes unlimited slower data (again, capped at 1.5Mbps) and 60GB of full-speed data each month. This plan also features unlimited talk and text here in Australia, plus 1150 minutes of international calls to included countries.

The $50 unlimited plan joins Vodafone’s existing $60 and $80 unlimited options, both of which also include unlimited data slowed to 1.5Mbps. The $60 plan currently features 100GB of fast monthly data (the standard 40GB inclusion, plus 60GB of bonus data when you buy before 4 February), with the $80 plan offering a huge 150GB (80GB, plus 70GB in bonus data). Both plans feature included international calling minutes, as well as bonus Qantas Points when you buy online.

All of these offers are SIM-only and require a 12-month contract, so may not work for you if you’re planning to buy a phone on a plan (or want to avoid lock-in contracts). But if you’re ready to take your own device to Optus, you’ll need to get in quick: Optus’ $55 Promo Plus plan discount and mobile TV offer is available now through to 3 February, 2019, but only to customers who buy online.

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