Unlimited mobile data a step closer as Optus offers quota-free video


Optus has become the first mobile service provider to offer customers data-free video streaming – intensifying competition between Australia’s big telcos and giving consumers even more enticing plan options to navigate.

For the first time, mobile users will be able to watch unlimited Netflix and Presto content without eating into their monthly data quota. Cue lots more people watching Stranger Things on the bus.

The offer is there for all Optus customers on 24-month ‘My Plan Plus’ contracts and comes at no extra cost for those on the $100 or $120 plans. Those on the cheaper plans – ranging from $40 to $85 – can still benefit from unmetered video streaming at the extra cost of $10 per month.

That might seem a bit cheeky, but when you consider that $10 is what it costs to top-up your mobile data by an extra gigabyte – which would only get you about two hours of video streaming – it starts to look like a pretty good deal.

Data has become the defining feature of phone plans, be they prepaid, postpaid or with a handset, and this move from Optus is a landmark step in the way we watch video on the go. Until now, mobile users have been limited in how much video they can watch on the go because of data limitations. This could be the start of the journey towards unlimited mobile data.

The Optus offer

In addition to data-free video streaming, Optus has also extended its data-free music streaming offer (includes Google Play, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify) to all of its aforementioned postpaid plans. Previously, only prepaid customers could benefit from unmetered music streaming. When you add in the option of streaming English Premier League soccer (free for customers on the more expensive plans or costing $15 per month for others) Optus is boasting some serious incentives.

For example, if customers on the cheapest $40 plan include the data-free video streaming option, they will get unlimited talk & text, be able to stream as much Netflix and Presto as they want, stream all the music they please, and still be left with their initial 1GB of data for regular browsing. Of course, this is before you add a handset, which will increase the cost. And keep in mind that you will be locked into this contract for two years.

So, if you want to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S7, here are your options from Optus:

It’s worth making the point that, if you’re not interested in watching Netflix or Presto on the go, you might find better value in an Optus SIM-only plan. Its $40 plan over 12 months will net you a decent 10GB of data, in addition to unlimited talk & text and the quota-free music. The prepaid alternative for $40 will get you the same features but just 6GB of data.

What’s Telstra doing?

This new unmetered video streaming offer from Optus comes just a couple of days after Telstra announced free subscriptions to Netflix, Presto and Stan on selected mobile plans. Customers spending $70 or more on a SIM-only plan, or $95 or more on a postpaid contact, will get access to the streaming services for three months.

Telstra has also thrown in a six-month subscription to Apple Music, with unmetered streaming, and continues to own the streaming rights to a number of sports, including AFL and NRL.

So, let’s see what offers Telstra gives you to pick from, again with the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Remember, Optus and Telstra are just two of many players in the mobile market, so make sure you keep across the latest deals from other service providers.

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