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If your son or daughter is coming to that age where a mobile phone makes a lot of sense for them to have, OVO Mobile is a prepaid provider that has two mobile plans catered towards this tender age. OVO Mobile has five mobile phone plans – two of which are targeted at kids, even though anyone can enjoy them.

With $200 worth of call time, unlimited text messages and 1GB of data for just $9.95 per 30 days, the new ‘Mini’ plan would provide awesome value for anyone looking for a cheap, hassle-free prepaid deal. The next step up is the $19.95 plan, which comes with $500 call time, unlimited texts and 2GB data.

  • Call credit includes calls to standard fixed or mobile lines in Australia plus voicemail, 13 and 1800 numbers. Calls are billed at 99c/minute plus 40c flagfall.

But what makes it a plan for kids? OVO Mobile is marketing this particular offer at parents of young children, as it also comes with a lifetime subscription to Family Zone – an online cyber safety service which allows parents to control their child’s smartphone and set restrictions on what type of content they can access. This service would usually cost almost $60 a year on its own.

These plans add to OVO Mobile’s already impressive suite of prepaid plans which provide some of the best data-versus-price combinations around. OVO operates on the Optus 4G network. You can view the two kids’ plans below:

Its other three plans all bring unlimited talk and text, with data the only point of difference. You can get 5GB for $29.95, a huge 8GB for only $34.95, or 14GB for $44.95 – all over 30 days. OVO Mobile also offers data-free streaming of various sports, including motor racing and gymnastics.

Of its latest plan targeted at parents with young children, OVO Mobile CEO Matt Jones said: “We set out to design a phone plan that is the most affordable on the market and delivers an unrivalled deal that beats all our competitors, and we have listened to parents who want inbuilt safeguards to protect their children.

“Parents want to stay connected with their children when they’re travelling on their own to and from school, and split families see mobiles as an easy way to stay in touch. But they are also concerned about keeping their children safe and that’s why we are inbuilding security measures to provide that peace of mind.”

This is how OVO Mobile’s plans look as of July 2018.

Brand Features Max Data**/billing period Advertised Cost^^/billing period
Ovo Logo


  • $500 calls, unlimited text

min. cost $9.95 over 30 day billing period

1GBMax Data**/billing period $9.95Advertised Data^^/billing period More Details
Ovo Logo


  • Unlimited National Calls & SMS

min. cost $19.95 over 30 day billing period

2GBMax Data**/billing period $19.95Advertised Data^^/billing period More Details
Ovo Logo


  • Unlimited National Calls & SMS
  • 50 international minutes

min. cost $29.95 over 30 day billing period

6GBMax Data**/billing period $29.95Advertised Data^^/billing period More Details
Ovo Logo


  • Unlimited National Calls & SMS
  • 300 international minutes
  • 50% off for your first 30 days (ends 29 October 2018)

min. cost $34.95 over 30 day billing period

15GBMax Data**/billing period $34.95Advertised Data^^/billing period More Details
Ovo Logo

Extra Large

  • Unlimited National Calls & SMS
  • 500 international minutes

min. cost $49.95 over 30 day billing period

20GBMax Data**/billing period $49.95Advertised Data^^/billing period More Details

Picking a phone plan for children

According to OVO Mobile, Australian children get their first smartphone at an average age of just 10. However, there are very few phone plans specifically tailored for children, although some carriers, such as Boost Mobile, are very much targeted at teenagers. In the case of Boost, this is mainly through cheap prepaid phones and data bonuses.

Parents looking for a good phone plan for their son or daughter would be well advised to seek a plan with unlimited talk and text, just in case of emergencies. While the $9.95 OVO Mobile plan falls short in terms of unlimited talk time, it does at least offer unlimited SMS/MMS. Parents may also prefer a prepaid plan rather than a postpaid alternative because of the potential to incur extra charges. However, postpaid plans will provide the security of being able to call or text any time, unlike prepaid plans which have expiry periods.

Here is a selection of low-cost prepaid plans with unlimited talk and text over 28 or 30 days. Note that you can find unlimited talk and text for as little as $10, sometimes even with 1GB data thrown in:

Or if you would prefer the extra security of a postpaid plan, here is a selection of no contract offers. Prices are largely the same as prepaid options, but you can see there is a larger range of providers to choose from, with over 25 postpaid providers out there:

Postpaid plans have their setbacks but bring the safety net of no expiry periods. Low-cost prepaid plans often have short expiry periods that you’ll need to look out for, although the OVO Mobile plan in question does last for 30 days – which is a good idea.

“There hasn’t been a competitive mobile plan catering for children until now. Even the phone giants have continued to ignore parents’ pleas for an affordable plan and peace of mind. Kids don’t make calls, but they need unlimited text, that’s the way they communicate, so we made sure we built a plan that fits their way of communicating with mum, dad and their friends,” added Mr Jones from OVO Mobile.

“Family Zone gives parents the power to not only block adult-rated or unrated content, it also notifies them if unsuitable content is being viewed, as well as enforcing study times and bedtime by locking the phone.”

All in all, OVO Mobile certainly seems to have come up with a good option for parents. Whether their kids feel the same way or not is another matter entirely.

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