The phone company offering free screen repairs


Chinese mobile phone manufacturer OPPO is offering free screen repairs on its R11 and R11s Plus flagship models.

OPPO is offering the service for the first six months of device ownership. And it’s not the first time that OPPO has included more than just a phone in the box.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to provide added value to our customers. Back in 2014 we start shipping our devices with free screen protectors and cases, which was almost unheard of and really well-received by customers. With this latest initiative we’re taking that a step further,” said Michael Tran, OPPO Executive Director.

The free screen repair service is not a comment on the screen’s durability, according to Mr Tran.

“We have complete confidence that the screens are of the highest standard and durability. However, we know that accidents happen, which can be frustrating and costly for consumers,” he said.

OPPO has a dedicated phone repair centre in Sydney. Users can post their device or walk into the centre for assistance. Alternatively, users who purchased their smartphone through Vodafone, Optus or Virgin Mobile can drop it off at a retail store and have it repaired through there.

Screen repairs can ordinarily cost upwards of $200 if repaired through a third party. The R11 retails for about $660 and the R11s Plus about $780.

Canstar Blue research indicates that the majority of Aussie consumers are taking preemptive measures to protect their screens, with a recent survey finding that 80 per cent of owners have a protective case for their smartphone. Nearly two thirds also said they have a protective screen.

What is OPPO?

OPPO – pronounced ‘Oh-Poe’ or ‘Opp-Oh’ – is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer. With the Chinese market as its primary target, OPPO is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

OPPO produces a range of cheaper smartphones, starting at around $200, while the flagship R11 and R11s Plus models cost between $600 and $800. The R11 was one of the first smartphones to boast a 20mp camera, and has a thin 7.1mm body. The R11s boasts a 6” screen, while the Plus comes with a 6.4” screen.

OPPO’s flagship phones are about half the price of the latest iPhone X, but brand loyalty still drives purchasing.

Canstar Blue research indicates 56 per cent of consumers always buy the same brand of smartphone, while about one fifth think social status or pressure has an influence on their smartphone purchasing decision.

OPPO won Canstar Blue’s 2018 Customer Satisfaction Award for Smartphones, achieving five stars for value for money, battery life, camera quality and overall satisfaction.v

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