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As an alternative to the heavy hitters from Apple and Samsung, Sony’s Xperia series is a solid option for those wanting something a bit different from the commonplace iPhones and Galaxies. Like most other non-Apple smartphones, the Sony Xperia series uses the Android operating system and its most recent flagship iteration – the XZ Premium – boasts a world-first 4K HDR display and a massive 19-megapixel ‘Motion Eye’ camera.

You would probably expect nothing less from a company known for making top-notch televisions and cameras. Find out what providers offer Xperia phone plans, and how much you can expect to pay with Canstar Blue.

Sony Xperia Phone Plans

Generally to get a Sony Xperia mobile phone bundled in with a plan, you have to go with either the ‘Big 3’ carriers – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone – or Virgin Mobile. Usually the minimum spend you can expect to pay is about $40 for both the phone and plan each month. Find out who is offering what below.

Telstra Sony Xperia Phone Plans

Telstra is one of a handful of providers to offer the Xperia XZ Premium, and plans start at $85 a month. This cost comprises of a $55 phone plan and the $30 phone repayment. This gives you $550 talk time and 1GB of data – to get more you can look at spending over $100 a month in some cases, but Telstra does add some tasty bonus data from time to time, not to mention other perks like data-free NRL or AFL streaming. With Telstra you are also able to lease your phone, which gives you extra incentives like data boosts and other bonuses on the proviso that you hand your phone back come the end of the 24 month period. You can see the difference in leasing plans and traditional plans below, noting the extra data you stand to receive if you lease.

As a previous-generation Xperia smartphone, the ‘X Performance’ can also be bundled with a Telstra plan and plans start at $74 a month. Plans are generally a fair bit cheaper, so ask yourself if you really need a ‘top of the line’ phone such as the XZ Premium – a previous-generation phone may be more than adequate if trying to save money. In any case, these two phones are what Telstra offers as far as Xperias go, and prices are somewhat similar compared to iPhone and Galaxy S8 plans.

Optus Sony Xperia Phone Plans

Optus also wheels and deals in the XZ Premium phone, the latest in Sony’s premium smartphone to hit Aussie shelves. Plans start at $60 a month, which is similar to many iPhone 7 and Galaxy S8 plans. For this price, $40 goes towards the plan and $20 goes towards the phone repayment. For this you’ll get unlimited calls & texts and 1GB data. Plans also come with Optus Sport, which features English Premier League coverage. You also stand to get data-free music streaming, so if you’re a music fan your data may stretch further. Optus also offers bonus data from time to time, and is famously one of the only providers to offer a 100GB phone plan.

Vodafone Sony Xperia Phone Plans

Vodafone perhaps has the largest Xperia phone plan range out of all four telcos, with four Xperia phones on offer, including the latest and greatest XZ Premium. Prices for the most basic Xperias start from just around $6 extra per month on many ‘Red’ plans, but for the XZ Premium you’d need to look at paying about $60 a month, which consists of the plan and phone repayment. For this amount, you’ll do quite well compared to other service providers and get unlimited calls & texts, as well as 2GB of data, plus international texts and MMS. Generally with Vodafone you can go one of three paths – data bonuses, international calling extras or Qantas Point bonuses. This means that there are usually three different plans at each price tier – simply choose what you’d like more of.

Virgin Mobile Sony Xperia Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile offers the two latest phones in Xperia’s line-up – the standard XZ and the XZ Premium. The XZ can be had from as little as $38 a month, which comprises of both the new phone and plan, while the Premium will set you back a minimum $59 per month. These plans are over 24 months. For $59 a month you’ll get $300 call value and 500mb of data – if you want more than 1GB you’ll need to be willing to pay over $60 a month. Virgin’s plans are pretty simple, and offer things like data-free music streaming and data boosts from time to time. It has also partnered with the Velocity Frequent Flyer program to offer points discounts and other perks. Below is how the plans look with an XZ Premium bundled in.

Virgin is also one of the few to offer the standard XZ. While it’s tempting to go for the most premium phone, the XZ may be all you desire… and you can stand to save some money this way. Plans start at $38 a month, and for only a little bit more you can get 2GB data plus unlimited calls & texts, as well as some international credit. Below you can see the general price differences between the XZ Premium and the standard XZ – it’s over $20 a month in some cases!

Is a Sony Xperia phone plan worth the money?

The latest Xperia iteration – the XZ Premium – stands up and says that Sony is a phone company that should be taken seriously. With a world-first 4K display and a massive 19MP camera, the XZ Premium has your entertainment and social media sorted. However, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for plans with this phone bundled in. Generally you can expect phone plans to cost about $60 a month, and for the cheaper Xperia phones about $40 a month. This only gets you a relatively paltry amount of stuff included in your plan – more hefty plans easily cost over $100 a month.

  • The XZ Premium retails for over $1000
  • $60 a month over 24 months is $1440

Paying just one sum to get both a plan and phone is no doubt convenient, but ask yourself if you could save money in the long run by providing your own cheap SIM-only plan. While going this route means you have to pay over $1000 upfront for the handset, if you can afford this then you may save money in the long run. In any case, Sony Xperia’s line-up is arguably more impressive than it’s ever been, and it pays to shop around if you want the latest and greatest phone plans.

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