Telstra announces Black Friday mobile and NBN offers


In more Black Friday mobile deal news, Telstra has announced several limited-time specials, covering both phone and SIM-only plans (as well as NBN and broadband!).

From Friday, 23 November, the big blue telco will offer a $10 monthly credit on all online mobile, lease, and SIM-only postpaid plans. This essentially means you’ll save $10 each month on your choice of plan: adding up to $120 in savings on 12-month SIM plans, and $240 in total on Telstra’s 24-month options.

iPhone and Samsung deals

This deal can be applied to both traditional phone-on-a-plan options, and two-year lease plans (available with selected phones). Telstra is highlighting two phone/plan offers in particular: the 64GB iPhone XR is available on Telstra’s 50GB Large plan from $89 per month, while the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S9 is priced from $69 per month on the 20GB Medium plan.

If you’re interested in the iPhone XR deal, you’ll pay $89 each month to lease the device over two years, or $99 monthly on a standard two-year contract. These prices include Telstra’s 50GB Large plan, which features unlimited standard national talk and text, unlimited talk and text to 15 selected countries, and unlimited ‘peace of mind’ data (slowed to 1.5Mbps).

Samsung fans can lease the S9 for $69 per month under this offer, or buy for $79 per month (both over two years). Each option includes the 24-month Medium plan, which currently features 20GB of data, unlimited standard national talk and text, and unlimited talk and text to 15 countries.

All of these prices include Telstra’s $10 per month account credit, and customers are also free to combine their S9 or iPhone with any other eligible 24-month Telstra plan.

If you’re all set for smartphones, you can still score a $10 monthly credit by signing up for any Telstra 12-month SIM-only plan. You’ll need your own unlocked phone, but plans begin at $49 monthly for up to 30GB of data (or from $39, with your $10 credit applied).

Broadband deal: save $240 on connection fees

Looking for broadband bargains instead? Good news: Telstra is also waiving connection fees for all customers on the casual $69 100GB, and $89 Unlimited home broadband plans. Normally $240, this upfront cost will be waived for both new Telstra broadband customers, and existing users who switch to either the $69 or the $89 options.

The deal applies only to Telstra’s month-to-month broadband plans, which include either 100GB of data at NBN 25 speeds (Standard Evening Speed), or unlimited data on the NBN 50 speed tier (also called Standard Plus Evening Speed). Telstra’s casual plans also include unlimited standard local, national, and Australian mobile calls, plus a bonus Google Home Mini (when you buy before December 25), and Telstra’s Smart Modem. If you’re not afraid to commit, you can also sign up to a 24-month Unlimited NBN plan, but you will need to pay a $99 connection fee if you’re a new customer.

All of Telstra’s Black Friday deals go live from 8am on Friday, 23 November, and are available online only. The $10 mobile credit promotion is available until 8am on Tuesday, 27 November, with the NBN connection fee cut on offer until 25 February, 2019.

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