The texting temptation: to read, or not to read?


The younger you are, the more likely you are to secretly look through your partner’s text messages and emails (apparently), according to our recent survey results. And if you’re a young woman trying to get the lowdown on your partner’s hidden secrets, it’s a safe bet that you’re almost an expert at it…

Age before manners: Young Aussies snooping through phones

One in four of the Generation Y Aussies questioned as part of our recent consumer research admitted to looking through texts, emails or contacts stored on their partner’s mobile phone. That compared with one in five Gen Xs and a mere 4% of Baby Boomers. It seems that with age and experience comes trust after all.

Of those who admitted to their naughty little secret, around half of Gen Ys had been left with some difficult questions to answer after being caught in the act. Around 40% of Gen Xs and a third of the Boomers who dared to take a sneak peak at their partner’s phone had been left with red faces and apologies to make.

We wonder if it was worth it.

The research also revealed that, overall, women (16%) are generally more likely than men (10%) to check their partner’s mobile phone … or at least more willing to admit it to us.

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Should you check through your partner’s phone?

So, is it ever okay to take a sneaky peek at the private dealings of a partner, family member or friend? Or are the 11% of survey respondents who declared it was okay simply lacking a moral compass? 89% of those who responded to a previous survey of ours believe it is not acceptable to read someone else’s text messages, so the majority opinion is that no – it is totally uncool to do this.

Many parenting experts advise reading your children’s texts and emails to ensure safety and security (although this too could breed resentment and break trust if they’re approaching maturity). Yet, when it comes to adult relationships a number of experts agree if there is a desire to glimpse the words your partner is exchanging with another, there could be a lack of trust between you that needs to be addressed.

Common sense would dictate that you should simply talk to you partner, and be honest about what’s going on each others lives.

…Of course, our research suggests you should also have a good password on your smartphone.

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