Vaya launches new SIM-only plans (with up to 60GB of data!)


As if SIM-only mobile plans weren’t competitive enough, postpaid provider Vaya has revamped its range of month-to-month and six-month plan options – offering better pricing and bigger data inclusions.

The self-described ‘best telco you’ve never heard of’ has launched five new no-contract options, and four plans for customers who are happy to commit to a six-month term. Each plan features unlimited standard talk and text in Australia, as well as great value data.

Vaya no-contract and six-month SIM-only plans

All of Vaya’s plans run on Optus’ 4G Plus mobile network, so you’ll get great coverage and fast data speeds nationwide. As you can see from the above tables, customers who sign up for six months will be rewarded with extra monthly data: anywhere from 2GB to 10GB more each month, for the same price.

Vaya’s plans are a great no-fuss option for customers looking for unlimited calls and texts and great rates on data, but don’t include the international features available on rival plans from telcos such as Boost Mobile, Exetel or OVO Mobile. If you need to call overseas from your Vaya service, international rates begin at $0.02 per minute for calls, with standard texts priced at $0.25 per message sent (and $0.75 for MMS).

How does Vaya compare?

If you’re looking at a low-data plan, Vaya’s $16 Unlimited S one-month deal is on par with other 2GB plans from competitors. The $14-$16 per month price point is pretty standard for two-gigabyte SIM plans, with similar deals available from Moose Mobile, ExetelYomojo and Pennytel (though not all are contract-free).

Where Vaya really shines is in its big-data offers, which rank competitively alongside comparable postpaid plans from Vodafone and Telstra. 60GB for $56 is an awesome deal for Australian data lovers, but will require you to sign up for a six-month plan; otherwise, you can enjoy 50GB of data on the equivalent no-contract $56 option.

However, if you’re also interested in prepaid, you can currently score some awesome deals on 40GB or more of data from OVO Mobile and Boost Mobile.

Of course, if you’re after a great value medium-sized plan, Vaya also offers great pricing on its 6GB and 15GB month-to-month plans, as well as its six-month options. Vaya’s changes give customers a seriously wide range of data choices, and if you’re scared to commit, you’re free to exit or switch plans at any time on the telco’s no-contract deals.

With plenty of small-name telcos also selling great-priced SIM-only plans, customers are demanding more data and less hassle from their mobile providers. Fortunately, if you have a phone you love – and want a simple, flexible plan without the flashy extras – Vaya is looking more attractive than ever.

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