Vaya starts phone plan price war


One of Australia’s already low-cost mobile service providers has thrown down the gauntlet to its competitors with a new ‘price beat guarantee’ to attract new customers and keep its existing ones nice and happy.

Vaya, which was acquired by Amaysim in early 2016, now claims that ‘cheaper prices don’t exist’ and Aussies won’t find a better deal than what its plans offer.

So how does this actually work? Well, Vaya says that if you’re an existing customer and spot a better deal with another provider, it will match that price and give you a month free. And even if the plan from the other provider changes at a later date, you’ll still stick with your new price. The same applies to customers of other carriers – if you spot a better package elsewhere, give Vaya a nudge and they’ll sort you out. The best thing of all is there are no lock-in contracts.

Vaya has even set up a call centre with trained staff to handle price-matching enquires, so the telco is clearly taking this seriously.

However, this won’t be as easy as it sounds because you’ll need to find a comparable plan that offers the same amount of data, voice and text inclusions. But you should be keeping your eyes open for better deals anyway.

Vaya plans

Vaya operates on the Optus 4G Plus network and offers a simple range of post-paid SIM-only monthly plans that already bring great value. The criticism of Vaya has traditionally been that its customer service has let it down, having scored just two stars for service and two stars for overall satisfaction in our 2015 review of phone plan providers. However, it did rate four stars on value for money.

This was before the takeover from Amaysim, which of course now becomes one of its main rivals in this new phone plan price war.

So what does Vaya currently offer? Well, it keeps it nice and easy with four Power Plans based on $650 worth of standard talk and unlimited standard SMS, with varying amounts of data. Prices range from $18 to $34 per month for between 1.5GB and 7GB of data.

There are also four Unlimited plans which bring endless standard talk and SMS, with the same increasing data inclusions. This time prices range from $20 to $36 per month.

And how does Vaya compare to other carriers? Well, already quite well if you’re looking for the maximum 7GB of data and unlimited call and text.

The lesson here is that it’s a good idea to regularly review your phone plan and see if you can find better value with another provider. This latest price war means other carriers will be desperate to hit back, so we probably haven’t seen the last of the amazing offers.

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