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Virgin Mobile is a longstanding MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) selling competitive iPhone plans as well as postpaid SIM only deals. The telco operates on the Optus 4G Network and has quite a few SIM only plans, meaning you get a SIM card and you bring your own phone. Virgin’s plans are split across both 12 month deals and month-to-month ones, so let’s see what’s in the range below and how they stack up to the competition.

Virgin Mobile SIM Only Postpaid Plans

Virgin 3 in 1 Sim

Virgin Mobile has quite a few postpaid SIM only plans, some with massive data bonuses, discounts and other perks.

Virgin Mobile 12 Month SIM Only Plans

  • $30 for 5GB & $50 international credit
  • $35 for 1.5GB & $300 international credit
  • $40 for 10GB & $200 international credit
  • $50 for 15GB & $300 international credit
  • $60 for 18GB & $500 international credit
  • All plans come with unlimited national calls & texts

Virgin’s 12 month plans usually get the brunt of the deals, including hefty discounts and bonuses from time to time. All plans come with unlimited national calls and texts, while some nominal international credit is included on all plans.

  • Canada, for example, costs about 80c a minute, or 35c per text and many other western nations feature similar rates.
  • Virgin Fair Data: Fair Data includes data-free music streaming, data rollover and data gifting, which enables other Virgin customers to receive some of your data if you so incline to.

Virgin certainly packs a lot into its 12 month SIM only plans, with music lovers potentially stretching their data even further. However, if you don’t want to be locked in for 12 months, a more flexible option may be up your alley. This is how Virgin’s 12 month deals currently line up:

Virgin Mobile Month-to-Month SIM Only Plans

  • $30 for 2.5GB & $25 international credit
  • $40 for 5GB & $100 international credit
  • $50 for 9GB & $150 international credit
  • $60 for 11GB & $250 international credit
  • All plans come with unlimited national calls & texts

As you can see from above, Virgin’s monthly SIM only plans may receive markedly less data than their 12 month counterparts. This flexibility may be worth it, however:

  • Monthly plans still receive data-free music streaming, gifting and rollover under the ‘Fair Data’ scheme.
  • International credit is also included at largely the same rates as their 12 month counterparts.

While you do tend to sacrifice data and some international credit, users always hunting around for the next best deal may find it worthwhile.

How do Virgin SIM Only plans compare to other providers?

Virgin Mobile’s SIM only plans compete well alongside Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, which also offer SIM only plans in 12 month and monthly guises, but Virgin tends to fall behind the 8 ball against other smaller MVNOs.

Virgin 12 Month SIM Only Plans Compared

In this space, arguably the most exciting plans are ones consisting of more than 10GB data. If you’re paying more than $40 for 10GB data these days you’re probably paying too much. Virgin is right on the money, but there are providers offering the same for less. Jeenee Mobile, Exetel and TeleChoice are all worth a look into and users are strongly rewarded for sticking around for 12 months. Still, customers may still find benefit in Virgin’s ‘Fair Data’ program.

Virgin Month-to-Month SIM Only Plans Compared

Virgin’s data limits on its month-to-month plans are generally much lower, and in this segment the telco has to face some stiff competition from other MVNOs. 5GB can be found for under $25 these days, and leaders here are Jeenee Mobile once again, as well as SpinTel and Moose Mobile. For a similar plan with Virgin, you’re looking at paying at least $10 more per month. While these plans may lack the ‘Fair Data’ perk, they do often feature international calls as a side bonus.

Is a Virgin Mobile SIM Only deal worth the money?

Virgin Mobile is one of the longstanding MVNOs in the telco world, operating on the Optus network for some time now. For a reliable service that often beats out the bigger guys, Virgin may be a good bet. However, today it faces stiff competition from smaller providers with even lower overheads that can pack it more data for a cheaper price.

  • Virgin may offer more perks like more international calls, data-free music streaming, data rollover and data sharing, but in terms of basic data-for-dollars, other providers may be more competitive.

Virgin Mobile is certainly still worthy of consideration, but if you’re after bargain basement prices, there may be other providers out there better suited, offering more data for cheaper. Shop around, people.

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