Vodafone improves postpaid phone and SIM-only plans


In a big week for Vodafone, the telco has quietly shaken up its postpaid Red and SIM-only phone plans – streamlining its options for customers and, hopefully, making the plan-picking process a whole lot easier.

If you’re looking at a phone on a Vodafone plan, you now have five options. Vodafone is offering three standard Red plans (with unlimited national talk and text, plus an included high-speed data allowance) from $35 per month, plus two Red Plus plans featuring unlimited ‘throttled’ data (capped at speeds of 1.5Mbps).

The changes see Vodafone scrapping its $100 postpaid plans, and restructuring pricing and data inclusions across the board. Overall, the plans offer more value data-for-dollar than the telco’s previous options.

Both of the new Red Plus plans include an impressive amount of high-speed data each month; currently, the $60 option features 80GB (double its usual 40GB inclusion), while the $80 plan includes 100GB (80GB, plus 20GB of bonus data). This bonus data is available to customers who sign up by 23 August.

If you do plan on buying a new phone from Vodafone, keep in mind that your phone repayments are now a separate contract from your mobile service plan. This means that you can change your mobile plan as needed, without affecting your device payments.

SIM-Only Changes & Extra Features

Vodafone has also refined its 12-month SIM-only postpaid plans, again narrowing the selection down to just five options. Capped data plans begin at $35 per month, with two Red Plus SIM-only plans also available from $60 monthly.

As with Vodafone’s Red Plus phone plans, its SIM-only Red Plus deals include unlimited data at 1.5Mbps, plus a fast data allowance (currently up to 60GB on the $60 plan, and 80GB on the $80 option).

Bonus data is available for customers who join before 23 August: both the $60 plans offer 60GB (formerly 40GB), the $45 plan now features double data at 30GB, and the $35 plan includes 5GB (normally 3GB).

The changes will hopefully lessen the confusion for customers looking for a great deal on their data and international calling. Unlike previous Vodafone plans, there’s no need for customers to choose between bonus data and international extras; all plans of $45 per month and above include at least 1000 minutes of standard international calling, plus decent data inclusions.

If you’re not looking to sign up for an unlimited Red Plus plan, you can add a newly-announced Vodafone Pass to your service at any time. Launched today, these passes offer data-free use of selected apps including Netflix, Spotify, Stan, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

There are four pass options available: Chat for $5 per month, Social for $10 per month, Music for $10 per month, and Video for $15 monthly. As with Red Plus plans, all unlimited data is capped at 1.5Mbps.

Vodafone’s updated plans are now available for new and upgrading customers.

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