Vodafone launches prepaid roaming feature


Prepaid Vodafone customers can now benefit from a similar roaming feature to their postpaid counterparts, taking away some of the stress that comes with using your mobile on holiday.

One of the greatest concerns when travelling overseas has been the cost of using your mobile for calls, texts or internet browsing, but in 2013 Vodafone revealed a new deal whereby its customers on a SIM-only or new phone contract could use the exact same plan inclusions outside Australia, at the extra cost of $5 each day. Now prepaid customers are being offered a similar arrangement.

Prepaid Roaming Add-ons

Instead of being billed an extra $5 for every day you use your mobile abroad, prepaid customers will first need to purchase a Roaming Add-on for their future use overseas. However, depending on how many days you plan to use the feature for, it could cost you a little more than $5 per day.

Available to customers whose last recharge was a MyMix, Combo or Pay As You Go Plus recharge, Vodafone’s prepaid Roaming Add-ons only come in multi-day (3-day expiry) and weekly packs (7-day expiry). Customers have the choice of two types of add-on – a bundle of voice, text and data inclusions, or a simple data-only add-on.

The 3-day options both cost $25 and the week-long options $35. If you buy the 7-day add-on, you’ll be getting your service at the cost of just $5 each day. The 3-day option works out at $8.33 each day.

Product name 3-Day Roaming Add-on 3-Day Roaming Data Add-on 7-Day Roaming Add-on 7-Day Roaming Data Add-on
Data 100MB 200MB 250MB 500MB
Cost $25 $25 $35 $35
Incoming & outgoing call minutes 30 mins n/a 60 mins n/a
Texts 30 n/a 60 n/a

Source: Vodafone.com.au

Customers can purchase as many add-ons as needed for the length of their trip. They can be purchased before travel or when overseas, however customers must activate their roaming service before they travel. You can check or activate your roaming and monitor usage via My Vodafone, which is reported in real time. The inclusions are for use in more than 50 selected countries.

To put things into perspective, a consumer travelling to the UK for a week using 500MB of data will now pay $35 with Vodafone’s new Prepaid Roaming Add-ons.

Vodafone have been a market-leader when it comes to international roaming, receiving a Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award for its postpaid $5 Roaming product, which allows customers on a 12 or 24 month voice plan to use their normal inclusions overseas.

Vodafone also recently announced that it is waiving the $5 extra a day fee for eligible postpaid customers travelling in New Zealand.

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