Vodafone’s new plan offers unlimited data for just $50

If you’re hungry for cheap unlimited data, Vodafone is bringing more value to the table – secretly launching an all-new, unlimited plan that undercuts its previous endless data offerings.

The telco now offers a new, $50 SIM-only plan with unlimited monthly data use, a full $10 cheaper than its existing $60 unlimited plan (and $30 less than the $80 unlimited option). Vodafone’s newest unlimited offer is available only on a 12-month SIM plan (or with a new phone but with 50GB of full-speed data), features unlimited standard talk and text in Australia, up to 1150 minutes of international calls to selected countries and all the data you can use each month.

How does the capped data work?

Of course, there’s a catch: while you’ll get 60GB of data each month at full, maximum 4G speeds, the rest of your data use will be capped at just 1.5Mbps. This is fast enough for most day-to-day phone use, although video streaming will be restricted to standard definition, and some media content may load slower than on full 4G connections.

A full speed data allowance, combined with unlimited throttled data, is also how Vodafone’s other unlimited plans are structured: on the 12-month $60 Red Plus plan, you’ll currently get up to 100GB of fast data each month (40GB, plus 60GB bonus data until 13 March, 2019), while the $80 12-month plan includes 150GB monthly (80GB, plus 70GB in bonus data, 13 March, 2019).

Regardless, this means customers looking to avoid excess data changes now have an even cheaper way to protect against bill shock. And if you’re a current student, you can also save $5 off your plan fees each month under Vodafone’s student discount offer.

Vodafone already offered the cheapest unlimited data plan on the market, so its unclear why the company has decided to cut prices by launching a new unlimited plan. But overall, if you’re looking for a foolproof way to avoid paying extra data fees – other than a prepaid plan – Vodafone’s new $50 plan is definitely a competitive offer.

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