What is Vodafone MyMix?

Vodafone’s progressive overhaul of its mobile phone plans continues apace, but this time the game has truly changed with the introduced of an entirely new feature dubbed MyMix, which allows you to customise your  plan to choose your favourite inclusions of calls, texts and data.

Other service providers which once championed customisable (or ‘build your own’) phone plans – including SpinTel and Yatango – now no longer sell them, leaving Vodafone as one of few Aussie mobile carriers which allows customers a degree of flexibility. So, what exactly does Vodafone’s new feature entail?

How does Vodafone MyMix work?

MyMix is simply an online tool which lets you pick several different prepaid plan features and combine them into a single custom plan. You can choose to go heavy on data and light on calls, pick bulk international minutes and texts on a long-term expiry, or anything in between. One consistent is that every MyMix plan comes with unlimited standard SMS, and lets you combine varying amounts of four other prepaid inclusions. They are:

  • Expiry period, which can be 7 days, 28 days, or a super-long 90 days if you need long-lasting credit
  • Mobile data, available in increments of 500MB, 2GB, 5GB or a hefty 8GB
  • Standard call minutes, whereby you can choose between 120 minutes or unlimited calls for just $5 extra
  • International minutes, which can be either zero minutes (i.e. not included), 120 or 300 – all to selected countries.

You can combine all of these communication options in any way your heart desires. Pricing ranges from as little as $8 for a recharge with a week-long expiry, all the way up to $110 for a 90-day recharge with maximum data and calls.

To get yourself a MyMix prepaid plan, you can head out and purchase a $1 Vodafone SIM card from any convenience store – or order one online. From there, it’s simply a matter of heading to the Vodafone website, activating your SIM and creating your own plan. If you’re already with Vodafone, you can simply use Express Recharge to add a new prepaid plan to your SIM.

In order to boost the popularity of its new plan builder, Vodafone has been known to offer massive data boosts to its existing options, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

It seems Vodafone’s new MyMix plans aren’t just a gimmick – they offer some seriously good value as well. For more on Vodafone’s range of post-paid phone plans, check out our comprehensive review.

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