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About Dimplex DC12RCBW

The Dimplex DC12RCBW is an ultraportable, yet powerful air conditioner capable of cooling and heating in the extremes of Australia’s climate. Despite only producing noise half as loud as a typical ‘chinwag’, it can produce a significant 3.5 kW of cooling or heating in whichever room you want.

Dimplex’s DC12RCBW is guaranteed to operate in temperatures as hot as 43 degrees Celsius, and even decreases the humidity as it works, making your life that much more comfortable ? especially if you live in the tropics. Capable of capturing 50 litres of moisture from the air per day, the in-built evaporative function allows it to expel this water without the need for a drip tray or hose.

Models even come with a window kit if you wanted to vent the hot air outside, making it truly versatile. Finally, you can interface with your new Dimplex Portable Air Conditioner by way of a touch interface, or through a remote.

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