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NSW Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Posted by September 17th 2021

To cut a long story short, solar feed-in tariffs (FiTs) are similar to the ‘Return and Earn’ scheme in New South Wales, where people return containers in exchange for a refund. However, instead of being …

Origin Energy Solar Review & Guide

Posted by September 7th 2021

Whether you’re a solar novice thinking about installing panels for the first time, or a seasoned pro shopping around for the best deal to help maximise your investment, it’s natural that you’ll consider Origin Energy …

Average Electricity Bill

What is the average electricity bill?

Posted by August 24th 2021

Sometimes it’s good to be average. If you’re wondering how your electricity bills compare to other customers, Canstar Blue has the answers for you.

AGL Solar Review & Guide

Posted by August 16th 2021

AGL is a behemoth energy company and market leader in Australia’s rooftop solar industry. But does it have the best solar deal for you?

solar power in Queensland

A guide to solar power in Queensland

Posted by September 7th 2021

What is the price of solar in Queensland and should you buy? Canstar Blue looks at what Queenslanders need to know about solar.

A guide to solar power in South Australia

Posted by September 9th 2021

A solar guide for South Australian households. Canstar Blue discusses solar prices, tariffs, rebates, storage batteries, buying tips and more.

A guide to solar power in Victoria

Posted by September 2nd 2021

The energy industry in Australia is rapidly evolving. While we’ve traditionally relied on large fossil fuel generators to meet our electricity needs, solar, storage and other renewable energy technologies are now helping households take power …

A guide to solar power in NSW

Posted by September 7th 2021

New South Wales solar costs, tariffs and benefits explained. Canstar Blue guides you through the NSW solar market.