Solar Energy Providers

A guide to solar power in South Australia

Posted by September 15th 2020

A solar guide for South Australian households. Canstar Blue discusses solar prices, tariffs, rebates, storage batteries, buying tips and more.

Solar panels on roof

Energy Plans with Solar

Posted by August 6th 2020

Thousands of Australian households are switching to solar every year. Since solar panels aren’t exactly cheap, it’s important that you’re maximising the return on your investment with a solar plan suited for your needs. For …

AGL Solar Review & Guide

Posted by August 6th 2020

AGL is a behemoth energy company and market leader in Australia’s rooftop solar industry. But does it have the best solar deal for you?

Solar feed-in tariffs Compared

A comparison of solar feed-in tariffs

Posted by September 2nd 2020

A guide to finding the best deal on solar. Canstar Blue compares feed-in tariffs from Australia’s leading energy retailers.

A guide to solar power in NSW

Posted by September 15th 2020

New South Wales solar costs, tariffs and benefits explained. Canstar Blue guides you through the NSW solar market.

Electricity Costs per kWh

Average Electricity Costs per kWh

Posted by July 23rd 2020

Canstar Blue has calculated and compared the average kWh price of electricity in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA. See how your state compares.

average solar bills

What is the average solar bill?

Posted by June 9th 2020

While there are many good reasons for installing solar, it’s safe to say that most people look forward to saving money on their power bills. With so many factors coming into play, from the size …

vic solar rebates

Victorian Solar Rebates & Schemes

Posted by June 1st 2020

Despite the fact that Victorians call parmis ‘parmas’, and togs ‘bathers’, they sure know how to get one thing right – and that’s solar. Incentives to install a solar system in the Greens capital aren’t …

solar car in desert

World Solar Challenge Explained

Posted by June 10th 2020

Every two years, the greatest minds from around the world are lured to the Australian outback to compete in what’s known as the ‘World Solar Challenge’. Think Dakar Rally with a greener twist. Throw in …