Fronius Energy Package: The complete solar system?


The Fronius Energy Package, providing for residential solar energy management, is part of Austrian-based Fronius’ suite of solar-focused products, with the company firmly focused on the role of solar in the energy mix.

Fronius has long been active in the Australian renewable energy market, with its inverters having been available since 1992, while in 2010 it opened a solar electronics division in Melbourne, with its portfolio comprising a range of products and services, from inverters through to system monitoring.

What is the Fronius Energy Package?

The Energy Package incorporates different components of Fronius’ product portfolio, with it comprising a battery, hybrid inverter and smart meter. Of the Energy Package, described as a “personal storage solution for 24 hours of sun”, Fronius states that its goal is to consume as much of the self-generated PV power as possible at source and store surplus energy for when it is needed.

What sort of battery technology does the Fronius Energy Package use?

Fronius’ Energy Package is available with a range of battery storage capacities, with the batteries employing lithium iron phosphate technology.

“The Fronius Solar Battery is a perfect example of high-performance lithium iron phosphate technology,” Fronius states. “A long service life, short charging times and high depth of discharge are therefore guaranteed. The result: maximum self-consumption and maximum independence.”

Fronius’ Energy Package batteries comprise its:

  • Solar Battery 4.5 – nominal capacity 4.5 kWh, usable capacity 3.6 kWh
  • Solar Battery 6.0 – nominal capacity 6.0 kWh, usable capacity 4.8 kWh
  • Solar Battery 7.5 – nominal capacity 7.5 kWh, usable capacity 6.0 kWh
  • Solar Battery 9.0 – nominal capacity 9.0 kWh, usable capacity 7.2 kWh
  • Solar Battery 10.5 – nominal capacity 10.5 kWh, usable capacity 8.4 kWh
  • Solar Battery 12.0 – nominal capacity 12.0 kWh, usable capacity 9.6 kWh

Fronius additionally offers a battery module storage capacity extension, allowing for customers to further tailor their system to their individual needs, with the module having a usable capacity of 1.2 kWh.

Fronius Solar Battery specifications:

Solar Battery 4.5 Solar Battery 6.0 Solar Battery 7.5 Solar Battery 9.0 Solar Battery 10.5 Solar Battery 12.0
Nominal capacity 4.5 kWh 6.0 kWh 7.5 kWh 9.0 kWh 10.5 kWh 12.0 kWh
Usable capacity (80 per cent depth of discharge) 3.6 kWh 4.8 kWh 6.0 kWh 7.2 kWh 8.4 kWh 9.6 kWh
Cycle stability (80 per cent depth of discharge) 8,000* 8,000* 8,000* 8,000* 8,000* 8,000*
Voltage range 120 – 170 V 160 – 230 V 200 – 290 V 240 – 345 V 280 – 400 V 320 – 460 V
Maximum nominal charging power 2,400 W 3,200 W 4,000 W 4,800 W 5,600 W 6,400 W
Maximum nominal discharge power 2,400 W 3,200 W 4,000 W 4,800 W 5,600 W 6,400 W
Maximum charging current 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A
Maximum discharge current 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A 16 A
Calendar service life > 20 years* > 20 years* > 20 years* > 20 years* > 20 years* > 20 years*

*at 23 °C ambient temperature

Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter and Smart Meter


Fronius describes the Symo Hybrid inverter as being “the heart” of its Energy Package storage system. Fronius’ Energy Package Symo Hybrid inverter options comprise its:

  • Symo Hybrid 3.0-3-S – with 3.0 kW AC nominal output
  • Symo Hybrid 4.0-3-S – with 4.0 kW AC nominal output
  • Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S – with 5.0 kW AC nominal output

“Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 5.0 kW, the three-phase inverter allows excess energy from a photovoltaic system to be stored in a battery,” Fronius states.

“The result: maximum self-consumption of the available power and maximum energy independence. Excess solar power can thus be used at times when generating conditions are poor or impossible. With the emergency power function, the household can enjoy an optimum electricity supply, even during power outages.”

Fronius, meanwhile, states that its Energy Package Smart Meter (models 63A-3 and 50kA-3) “optimises self-consumption and records the household’s load curve”.

“Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of power consumption within the home,” Fronius states. “In the Fronius Energy Package storage solution based on the Fronius Symo Hybrid, the Fronius Smart Meter provides perfectly coordinated management of the various energy flows and optimises overall energy management.”

Energy Package configuration and visualisation is provided via a built-in web server with a graphical interface, WLAN and Ethernet.

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Fronius Energy Package Installation

The Fronius Energy Package can be retrofitted with existing PV systems. The battery is designed for indoors installation on a solid, level surface, while the inverter (which can be installed both indoors and outdoors) is designed to be installed vertically on a wall or pillar.

The battery measures in at 955 x 570 x 611 mm, and weighs in at:

  • Solar Battery 4.5 – 91 kg
  • Solar Battery 6.0 – 108 kg
  • Solar Battery 7.5 – 125 kg
  • Solar Battery 9.0 – 142 kg
  • Solar Battery 10.5 – 159 kg
  • Solar Battery 12.0 – 176 kg

The inverter measures in at 645 x 431 x 204 mm, and weighs in at 22 kg.

Interested in buying a Fronius Energy Package?

Consumers interested in purchasing Fronius’ Energy Package can find further information via the Fronius Australia website. Consumers can contact Fronius by phone or email, with the Fronius website also providing contact details and website links for its sales partners.

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