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The start of 2016 hailed a new age for solar battery storage technology in Australia as Tesla’s much anticipated Powerwall hit our shores. The first Powerwall unit reportedly helped cut that household’s power bill by an impressive 90%. Whether or not Tesla’s home battery storage solution makes pure financial sense is another discussion altogether, but if you’re interested in joining the growing number of Australians who have installed battery units, here’s a guide on where you can purchase the popular Tesla Powerwall.

Who sells the Tesla Powerwall?

When Tesla originally announced the launch of its Powerwall in Australia, only a select few energy companies were announced as partnered resellers. Since then however, it seems a plethora of new solar companies – both large and small – now sell the Tesla Powerwall, as well as installation services. Some of the best-known providers that offer the Tesla Powerwall include:

  • Origin Energy
  • Natural Solar
  • Simply Energy
  • Bradford Solar
  • SunEdison
  • SAPN
  • CitiPower
  • Ergon Energy
  • United Energy
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Energy Matters

It’s worth noting that this list include a mix of traditional energy retailers (such as Origin, EnergyAustralia and Simply Energy), in addition to specialised solar power providers (such as Bradford Solar, Natural Solar and SunEdison). In the case of CitiPower, it also includes an energy distributor (i.e. the company that owns and operates the power networks in a specific area).

How much does the Tesla Powerwall cost?

The soft rollout of the Tesla Powerwall in Australian homes began at the beginning of 2016. While some time has passed, pricing information has unfortunately remained quite limited. Prices vary considerably across different retailers, and most installers will insist a quote before they can assess how much Tesla’s home storage system might cost to install. Fortunately some retailers have provided some cost information, however they’re mostly estimates.

Natural Solar

Natural Solar offers the Tesla Powerwall as part of its 4kW solar system packages with either a Fronius Hybrid or SolarEdge inverter. The Fronius Hybrid system costs around $13,990 (GST inclusive), while the SolarEdge system costs a bit more at $14,990, taking in to account solar rebates. If you already have solar panels, then installing the Tesla Powerwall as well as a compatible inverter will set you back $12,000 to $12,500 depending on the inverter you choose.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy doesn’t sell Tesla’s Powerwall as an individual item, instead offering it as part of a 4kW solar system with a SolarEdge inverter. Price estimates are around $16,500 including GST after rebates.

Bradford Solar

The Bradford solar website says the Tesla Powerwall plus a Retrofit Inverter fully installed will cost $9,900, however a quote is required to confirm this. Customers can also purchase a compatible solar system (between 3kW and 6.2kW), though Bradford Solar does not disclose how much this is likely to cost.


Citipower has partnered with Next Generation Electrical to offer the Tesla Powerwall as part of its solar system packages. Again information is limited, but Next Generation Electrical said on social media it expects a 5kW solar system with the Powerwall to cost around $16,000.


The Tesla Powerwall can be purchased directly from the company’s website. After making a reservation, Tesla will help you source an inverter and installation. Tesla’s Australian website does not provide the price of the Powerwall unit itself, however it currently retails in America for USD$3,500. When you factor in exchange rates, shipping costs and import taxes, the price of the Powerwall unit itself should come in around $6,000 excluding installation and inverter costs.

The Tesla Powerwall has been available in Australia for some time now, yet pricing information regrettably remains rather limited. As more homes opt for solar battery storage, we hope to soon learn more about what to expect when purchasing a Tesla Powerwall. Watch this space for updates.

Will the price of the Tesla Powerwall come down?

The prospect of reducing your electricity bill through solar storage is of course very attractive. Unfortunately, what’s less appealing is the price tag on the Tesla Powerwall. We’re all patiently waiting and hoping for solar storage to become more affordable, but unfortunately we shouldn’t expect to see prices fall any time soon. The limited availability of qualified solar storage technicians, coupled with the high production and import costs of storage devices like the Powerwall, means that prices don’t look like they’re going to budge any time within the next few years.

On the other hand, solar storage technology has been pegged as the future of Australian renewable energy, so basic economics would dictate that as an increasing number of solar storage manufacturers enter the market, prices should be forced down. Unfortunately this may not be for some years yet.

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