5 surprising pharmacy products

We all head to the pharmacy when we feel a cold coming on or when we need advice from a pharmacist, but next time you’re wandering the aisles waiting for a prescription to be filled, why not make a note of some of the other, sometimes surprising, products that your pharmacy might stock.

Emu Oil

Made from the fat of the big, flightless birds, Emu Oil has a range of uses.

Pharmacy1It is used as a means of trying to control cholesterol levels and help with weight loss, as it is an unsaturated fat. Emu Oil is also reportedly used as a cough syrup, and to treat cold or flu symptoms.

More commonly, it is applied to the skin and used as pain relief in a range of situations. Muscle aches, inflammation, carpal tunnel, shin splints, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, and even burns from radiation therapy can reportedly be relieved with emu oil.

The oil is generally used in a small concentration and is often combined with other substances such as glycolic acid.

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Green Coffee

A popular aid in weight loss, green coffee beans are the same as the ones you make your coffee with, but they haven’t been roasted.

As well as weight loss, the chemicals in the green coffee beans are said to have benefits for heart disease and diabetes. The chlorogenic acid – which diminishes when roasted – affects how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.

Green coffee bean capsules can be found at pharmacies.

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Another surprising healthy “superfood”, Chlorella is a freshwater algae commonly grown in Japan and Taiwan.

Some bright spark who thought to make use of the algae must have been onto something, because it has been reported to have a lot of uses. It has been reported to do everything from increase white blood cell counts, prevent a cold, reduce the side effects of radiation treatment, reduce asthma attacks, aid digestion, and a hundred other things.

Chlorella can be found in both a tablet and powdered form.

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It is now possible to find a delicious, refreshing drink in your local pharmacy – provided you enjoy veggies.

Juices with beetroot, carrot, ginger, and other delicious goodies can be picked up from the pharmacy, and have many of the benefits of eating your veggies, but instead you can drink them on the go.

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Veterinary Products

The pharmacy isn’t just for us humans anymore, you can pick up the important things for your furry friend without going out of your way to the pet store or vet.

It is so important to look after out fur-babies, who are vulnerable to all sorts of nasty critters like fleas, ticks and worms.

As well as stocking all your medicinal needs, check out the range of veterinary products at your local pharmacy



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