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Valentine’s Day: do it a day early

Posted by March 12th 2018

People like getting flowers delivered to their workplace, so make sure you plan ahead and give your loved one a great surprise.

Do you know your birth flower?

Posted by March 12th 2018

Not only is your birth date represented by a zodiac sign, but it’s also represented by a type of flower.

What are Merchant Services?

Posted by March 9th 2018

Essentially, “merchant services” refer to the payment terminal used by a business. In other words, it’s the method of accepting payments.

The rise and rise of mobile payments

Posted by March 12th 2018

Will mobile phones double as a credit card, or used as a channel for payment apps ... or, be used in another manner entirely?

Merchant accounts: what are the costs?

Posted by March 12th 2018

In a nutshell, fees are charged according to frequency and value of transactions - but there's more to merchant service charges than that.