About DHL Express

Operating in more than 220 countries worldwide, DHL claims to be the most international company in the world. It employs more than 325,000 people across the globe and a significant number of them are in Australia.

A brief history

Starting out in America in 1969, it didn’t take long for the DHL courier business to expand all the way to Australia. It wasn’t large scale at first. When the company’s office in Sydney opened in 1972, DHL Express had just five employees, all of whom were women. And expansion was slow – four years after opening the Sydney office, the staff had increased to just 11 people.

However, DHL Express really started to become a force in Australia by the 1980s. It became well-known for shipping the first Australian yacht to enter The America’s Cup in 1983. And 10 years later it had another landmark occasion, with the first dedicated trans-Tasman flight operating specifically for the company in 1992.

This was the year in which it also founded Asian Air Express in order to run its own aircraft. Six years after founding the fleet, DHL Express flew 20 tonnes of emergency supplies to Papua New Guinea following the tsunami that hit the country in 1998.

Australians today associate DHL Express with Surf Lifesaving, where the courier’s branding is most recognised. The company has been sponsoring Surf Lifesaving since 2003 and has also sponsored major events such as the Rugby World Cup and Fashion Week.

Our ratings

DHL Express featured in our customer satisfaction research for small business courier services. Australia Post was also rated.