Over 700 Coles Little Shop Red Hands still to be claimed

Coles is urging Little Shop fans to continue the hunt for the remaining 700 mini Red Hands as the supermarket giant’s hugely popular mini collectables promotion draws to a close this month.

Inspired by Coles’ long-running ‘Down, Down’ advertising campaign, the mini ‘red hand’ is the rarest Little Shop collectable up for grabs, given that shoppers who find one can also claim a $100 Coles gift card.

Coles says 1,000 Red Hands were released when the Little Shop campaign kicked-off in mid-July, quickly capturing the imagination of millions of Australians.

There have been reports of complete sets selling online for more than $1,000!

For every $30 spent in store, customers receive a Coles Little Shop ‘mini’ grocery item of popular brands, including Nutella, Vegemite, Oak Milk and Weet-Bix. There’s a total of 30 miniature toys to collect, with the Red Hand a highly-sought-after bonus mini.

In a new TV commercial, Coles announced that there are still more than 700 Red Hands to be found, which would suggest that only 300 have so far been found and prizes claimed.

Those lucky enough to find one can win a $100 Coles gift card by redeeming the unique code found on the leaflet inside.

Thousands attend Coles Little Shop Swap Day

Coles recently hosted its much-anticipated Little Shop ‘Swap Day’ at selected stores, to allow collectors to swap their double-ups with staff and other shoppers, in the hope of completing the full set.

There are also unofficial swap groups on Facebook allowing users to swap their minis, but not sell them!

Thousands of adults and children lined up to swap their mini collectables at Coles supermarkets across the country on August 11. However, shoppers were only allowed to swap one-for-one and had to get back in line for another trade.

Coles didn’t accept any swaps for a Coles mini Red Hand.

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