Domino’s Pizza plans to end cash payments

The days of paying for pizza by cash could soon be over if a trial from Domino’s Pizza proves a success.

With the use of cash on the decline in Australia, Domino’s ‘Tap & Take’ initiative is being trialled across five stores in New South Wales and Queensland, with the view to go completely cashless in the future.

The stores will continue to accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, but will no longer accept cash.

“Just as the name suggests, customers simply need to tap their card, phone, smart watch or finger on the keyboard and take their piping hot meal as soon as it’s ready – it’s as simple and easy as that,” Nick Knight, CEO of Domino’s Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement.

The trial is aimed to reduce in-store queues and delivery wait times for consumers, as well as increase safety for staff, both in-store and those delivering.

“Our Tap & Take stores will enable our customers to get… meals faster than ever; reducing in-store queues and delivery wait times,” Mr Knight said.

“In addition to increasing convenience for our customers this new model will increase safety, with zero cash kept on the premises or carried by our delivery experts.

“We’re now heading towards a very real future where the legal tender could be solely electronic, so it’s important that we remain digitally agile and continue to meet consumer demands.”

However, a Domino’s spokesperson told Inside Retail that the company anticipates there will be customers frustrated by the trial.

“We’ve certainly considered that some people’s current payment preference is to use cash, which is why we are running this on a trial basis and welcome feedback from all customers, especially regarding how seamless and convenient they find this makes their Domino’s experience,” the spokesperson said.

The company also said there would likely be consumers who oppose the exclusivity of electronic payments due to privacy concerns.

“Customers will ultimately choose the payment method that suits their preferences, including if privacy is a driving factor,” the spokesperson said.

The company will be closely monitoring the trial until it has enough meaningful data to make a decision for the rest of the business.

“However, if successful, we will certainly look to roll out Tap & Take across our network.”

Participating ‘Tap & Take’ Domino’s stores

The Domino’s Pizza stores participating in the ‘Tap & Take’ trial – and will therefore no longer accept cash payments – are as follows:

  • Newtown, NSW
  • Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • Wauchope, NSW
  • Calamvale, QLD
  • Surfers Paradise South, QLD

Picture credits: Kvitka Fabian

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