Five essential websites for educators and students

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If you’re a teacher, student or parent, it’s worth taking a look at the popular educational websites listed below, writes Kenny Wong.

School Places

School Places helps families find and secure discounted places in a private school via a transparent and simple online enrolment process. On the other hand, it benefits schools and their communities by helping them optimise student numbers and revenue, and minimise the need to increase fees.


Zookal is one of the largest student portals in Australia providing various types of services that assist students’ school life. It has a variety of services including textbook rentals, buy/sell textbooks, e-textbooks and digital study materials. Students can simply search for their university textbooks online and can either buy them brand new or rent them for the semester. When the order is ready, Zookal will deliver the books right to the door or students can pick them up from Zookal’s head office in Sydney.

Tutors Field

Tutors Field is an online platform that helps parents and students to find local tutors, music teachers and tutoring colleges. At the same time, it will also show students and parents if there are any tutoring deals offered by local educators. Students and parents can find the right tutor quick and easy by simply entering the subject and their postcode.


OpenLearn is an educational website with a reach to millions of learners worldwide. OpenLearn gives learners access to thousands of hours of free learning from The Open University. It provides over 750 free courses spreading across a variety of subject areas.Students can also use this website to grow their learning by discovering articles, watching videos and interacting with features and games.

Bored of Studies

Bored of Studies is Australia’s largest online student community. Students can access to unrivalled resources and support to get them through their student years. The website has an extensive database of HSC resources covering all the popular HSC subjects. There are over 10 000 notes, guides, past papers, summaries and other resources.Bored of Studies’ forum has evolved to become a massive community by school students, teachers and an increasing number of university students.

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