Healthy supermarket swaps

Supermarket swapsOne of the best things about making healthier supermarket swaps is the unexpected surprise of discovering new products that taste amazing! Being healthy doesn’t mean missing out on the things you love, it simply gives you an opportunity to discover improved versions of your favourites – that are better for you.

So let’s look at the supermarket swaps that support overall health and wellbeing.

Coconut oil instead of olive oil

Coconut oil and olive oil are both fantastic products and both are very good for you, however to maximise their health benefits, it’s best to use them at different times. When cooking in a frying pan or anything that involves high temperature, swap olive oil for coconut oil. Coconut oil can withstand higher temperatures without losing its nutritional value, whereas olive oil begins to break down when heated and is therefore best used Mediterranean style – think salads and dressings.

Nut-based spreads instead of high-calorie spreads

Another good switch is that from higher fat, higher calorie bread spreads like Nutella or jam, to vitamin and mineral boosting nut spreads like almond, cashew or natural peanut butter. Most of the time, nut spreads like these are made with 100% nuts (except for conventional peanut butter, which often has sugar, preservatives and stabilisers added to it, so always choose the most natural option). An almond nut spread is loaded with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and B vitamins and are also a great source of calcium and antioxidants.

Free range eggs instead of caged eggs

When picking up some eggs for breakky, make the swap from caged to free range, and if you’re already supporting the free range movement, why not make the next switch over to organic? Organic eggs are produced from hens that are not exposed to pesticides or synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. Be careful when selecting anything labelled organic, as unfortunately it seems almost anyone can use the label without certification. To know if a product is truly organic, always look for the logo of a government accredited organisation or group, so you know the product is certified organic to the strictest standards.

Milk substitutes instead of dairy milk

Another super healthy supermarket swap is the switch from dairy milk over to delicious milk substitutes like coconut milk, almond milk, macadamia milk and rice milk. My favourite brands include Pure Harvest, Australia’s Own and Blue Diamond. You can find these milks in the long-life milk section, and with so many new and healthy options to choose from it’s easy to create amazing smoothies and milk-based recipes. There is nothing more delicious in summer than a coconut, banana and natural peanut butter smoothie – perfect after a big workout!

The benefit of these milk options is that they are super healthy and make for great dairy alternatives. Unfortunately, dairy doesn’t agree with many tums and a lot of people find they suffer symptoms like migraines, acne, sleep issues and digestive issues which are all linked back to their dairy consumption. So if you find you’re not feeling 100%, try cutting out the dairy and making the switch to one of the milk substitutes, give it two weeks and see how you feel!

Making the switch

Losing weight and sticking to a new and improved eating plan means so much opportunity for new flavours and products to boost your menu with. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite foods, it’s just a matter of making the switch to healthier versions, which you could soon find you probably prefer anyway!

When heading into the supermarket with your revised grocery list, make sure you’re not hungry as this is a sure fire way to overload the trolley and therefore, the pantry.

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