IKEA announces huge country-wide sale

If you’re looking for some new furniture, now might be the time to buy, as IKEA launches a 40% off sale that ends this Sunday.

The Swedish giant is slashing prices across a range of products, including kitchen appliances, furniture and all sorts of knick-knacks to spruce up all rooms of your house.

Beginning today (October 18), the IKEA sale will take place at stores all around Australia, although it’s best to check with your local store before you bust out your wallet.

Sale items include an oven, slashed in price from $299 to $179, as well as an extendable bed, with the cost reduced from $169 to $99.

Specific products will vary from store to store, and only apply to purchases made in-store, so steer clear of online purchases if you want to save the big bucks.

“Join us for the IKEA clearance sale as we send off some of our favourite products with a bang,” IKEA Sales Manager Mark Mitchinson told Daily Mail Australia.

“Head in-store to see the last of our bestsellers at an incredible price.”

The sale is only on while stocks last, so be sure to get in quick for some flat-pack bargains!

Swedish expansion in Australia

If you’re stuck for what to buy, IKEA has released a guide to some of its most popular products, including the Friheten sofa, Malm drawers and Liatorp bookcase for consumers to consider the next time they visit one of its 10 stores around Australia.

With IKEA set to expand to over 40 stores by 2030, the popular retailer is looking into a variety of other products to offer Australian households, including the possible introduction of solar panels, while also launching a buy-back program for your old IKEA furniture.

Regardless of whether or not you’re an IKEA fanatic, a 40% off sale is tempting, if you’re in need of some new furniture.

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