How to keep your flowers for longer

It’s always a lovely surprise to receive flowers from someone, and of course you want to keep those flowers alive for as long as possible; but how do you keep flowers alive besides changing the water now and then? Here are some tips.

Don’t just change the water, change what’s in the water

Every time you change the water your flowers are sitting in, add in 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and sugar. The vinegar will act as a mild anti-bacterial agent, and the sugar will feed the flowers and help them last longer. Aspirin, lemon juice, or even vodka will also serve to keep the water clean and bacteria-free. Be careful with how much you use though! Too much will kill your flowers.

Make sure your vase is clean

There’s no use in trying to keep the water for your flowers clean with vinegar if the vase the water is in is dirty to begin with! Before you put water and flowers in a vase, wash it thoroughly with hot soapy water, and rinse it fully.



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Stems need to be cut more than once

Woman trimming flowersObviously the stems of flowers need to be cut initially to gift them to someone, but cutting them regularly once they’ve been put in a vase is also important to keeping them alive for longer. Whenever you change the water, make sure to also cut the stems on your flowers. Cut about half an inch to an inch off at a 45-degree angle, to maximise surface area for maximum water and nutrient uptake. Also make sure to remove any flowers hanging lower on the stem, or they could fall into the water and rot, which will cloud the water.

Feed your flowers

You can buy commercial-quality flower food in sachets, and this will go a long way towards keeping your flowers fed and staying pretty. It will also help to open any unopened flower buds.

Vase water isn’t quite enough

While the water in the vase is the main source of hydration for your flowers, make sure to lightly spray the flowers with water every day. This will keep the actual flowers hydrated and stop them from drying out and drooping.

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How long will my flowers last?

The lifespan of fresh-cut flowers can vary hugely, but will be heavily affected by how well you treat them once they’re cut. However, that being said, even the hardiest flowers generally won’t last beyond two weeks, and some won’t last beyond two days.

However, this page has detailed information on how long various species can be expected to live after being cut.

You can read more about flowers and flower retailers at CANSTAR Blue.

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