“At least Domino’s hasn’t run out of pizza”: KFC customers complain as stores run low on chicken due to supply crisis

It’s a sour start to 2022 (and a case of déjà vu) when KFC runs out of chicken. Just like supermarkets, the fast-food chain has been plagued with poultry supply issues and delivery delays due to rising Omicron cases around the country. 

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 previously forced several KFC stores in Melbourne to close or to operate only for limited hours. It seems similar disruptions have hit the fast-food giant once again, with customers voicing their frustrations online. 

Several KFC outlets have already started offering a ‘reduced menu’, while other restaurants have begun posting signs in stores advising that popular items like the original chicken, Zingers, fillets and wings have sold out.

KFC running out of chicken

A few hungry customers shared their frustrations on KFC’s Facebook page, with a customer claiming they haven’t been able to order their finger lickin’ wicked wings for two weeks.

One social media user wrote: “…. When you go to the local KFC and they don’t have burgers, original chicken, hot & spicy chicken, popcorn chicken or original tenders… Way to go KFC. At least Domino’s hadn’t run out of pizza”.

Another customer commented: “No original chicken at ANY local KFC! This is your ‘bread and butter’, meaning you should never run out of original (chicken) at any shop let alone ALL OF THEM! Then to only find out after driving to KFC, then being held up in drive-through after having to cancel a Family Feast!”

After receiving comments on its Facebook page, KFC replied: “We’ve had a little trouble with our supply measures this week leaving some restaurants a tad less wicked than others. We’re sorry if this has affected you getting your KFC fix but rest assured, it is only temporary. We appreciate your patience as we get back to our regular fryin’ and supplyin’ (sic) procedures.”

Picture credits: Matt Leane/Shutterstock.com, Patcharaporn Puttipon 636/Shutterstock.com

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