Kmart launches new digital catalogue

Any respecting Kmart fan will know the struggle of navigating the homewares section in search of trendy new styles, only to come to the crushing realisation that what you’re looking for is already sold out. Well, those days could now be over because Kmart just launched its online catalogue, set to make shopping a lot simpler.

The new catalogue is fully interactive and lets you click on any items on the page to view the product details and add it into your online cart. You can also search products by keywords or style number, or by product category. The catalogue (available on Kmart’s website) will also display sold out items and customers will be able to apply for notifications of re-stock dates. You can also bookmark a page, email the catalogue to a friend and print pages.

Our catalogues are now digital! So, jump online to check out our latest catalogue:

Posted by Kmart Australia on Wednesday, July 29, 2020


The department store chain made the announcement on Facebook, which has received hundreds of reactions and comments. Most social media users welcomed the news, gushing over the new styles available in-store and online, but shoppers were also quick to point out that many items in the August catalogue are already sold out.

Kmart stores across the country have faced serious stock shortages since the onset of COVID-19, mainly due to delays with exports. New stock has started trickling through, but customers have complained that supply has not kept up with demand, with a lot of stores still sporting empty shelves.

Kmart said it was working to normalise stock levels by August.

Picture credit: Kmart Australia.

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