McDonald’s EPIC ‘30 days of deals’ is back with $1 Big Macs, fries & apple pies!

McDonald’s is bringing back $1 deals on popular menu items for the entire month of November.

From 1-30 November, Macca’s will run a ‘deal a day’ promotion in restaurants across Australia, where customers can pick up fan favourites like Big Macs, cheeseburgers, large fries, and even apple pies for just $1. That’s right, one clam.

Orders will need to be placed via the MyMacca’s app under the ‘My Rewards’ tab to redeem each offer. The fast-food giant will sling a special deal on a different menu item each day, kicking off with $1 Big Macs.

$1 Big Mac

There will also be Quarter Pounders, McFlurrys, and McNuggets for $2, alongside shakes, sundaes, and double cheeseburgers.

A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson said: “We’re excited to be bringing back our popular ‘30 Days 30 Deals’ promotion for the month of November,” the representative said.

“Every day we’ll be serving up a special deal on our most iconic products. From Big Macs, to Chicken McNuggets, McFlurrys, and more, there’s something for every customer.

“All you have to do to take advantage of the deals is order through the MyMacca’s app, from 1-30 November.”

McDonald’s November deals

Date Deal
1 November $1 Big Macs
2 November $1 large fries
3 November $5 small McChicken meal + cheeseburger
4 November 40% off with a $15 minimum spend
5 November $9 for 2 small Quarter Pounder meals
6 November $5 small cheeseburger meal + cheeseburger
7 November $9 for 2 small 10 McNuggets meals
8 November $1 cheeseburgers
9 November $2 Quarter Pounders
10 November $2 large sundaes
11 November $5 small Chicken n Cheese meal + cheeseburger
12 November $2 double cheeseburgers
13 November $1 apple pies
14 November 20% off with a $10 minimum spend
15 November $2 McNuggets (six-pack)
16 November $2 large shakes
17 November $1 cheeseburgers
18 November $2 McChickens
19 November $6 small Big Mac meal + cheeseburger
20 November 20% off with a $10 minimum spend
21 November $2 McFlurrys
22 November $2 large fries
23 November $3 Big Macs
24 November $2 large sundaes
25 November $6 small Quarter Pounder meal + cheeseburger
26 November $9 for 2 small McChicken meals
27 November $5 small cheeseburger meal + cheeseburger
28 November 20% off with a $10 minimum spend
29 November $2 double cheeseburgers
30 November $2 Filet-O-Fish

Macca’s last launched $1 deals back in 2019, causing a massive frenzy with burger lovers scrambling to get their hands on the $1 Big Mac offer. Many Aussies took to social media to share footage of chaotic scenes in stores.

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