‘Genius’ McDonald’s hack to get $2.25 off a double cheeseburger meal

A savvy social media user has shared a clever McDonald’s hack to save $2.25 on a double cheeseburger meal.

In a post to the popular Facebook group, Markdown Addicts Australia, one person asked why the Macca’s Happy Meal is $2.25 cheaper than a cheeseburger meal since both come with small fries, a coke, and cheeseburger.

Macca' hack for cheeseburger meal

The savvy woman replied to the post and shared how she gets a double cheeseburger meal and still pays less, simply by tweaking the Happy Meal. She said she orders a cheeseburger Happy Meal (which also comes with a toy) with a large coke and asks for extra beef and cheese on the burger which comes to about $8. The near-identical double cheeseburger meal costs $12.50.

“I get a cheeseburger Happy Meal, and large coke in a meal for an extra $1.50, and add beef and cheese, so I pay like $8 for a double cheeseburger and large coke,” she wrote.

“You’re a genius. I’m so doing this,” one person replied.

The post also prompted other savvy customers to share their own Macca’s money-saving tips.

“I’ve heard about this hack as well, that it’s cheaper to get an iced chocolate frappe in the Happy Meal instead of paying $4, you pay $1.50 extra and get a burger and fries with it too,” another person shared.

“I buy Happy Meals instead of cheeseburger meals. My son always wants the chocolate shakes – which I think are $4.20 on their own, or you can swap out the drink in a Happy Meal for a shake and still only pay $4.95,’ one shared.

“Same as the nuggets, you can get 24 for $11.95 or you can get 20 for $13.55, you get four less but pay more,” one person said.

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