McDonald’s releases divisive ice cream sundae flavour in China

McDonald’s has launched its most divisive dessert yet − a limited-edition coriander-flavoured sundae in China. Yes, you read that right.

The new Macca’s ‘Cilantro Sundae’ comes topped with a green coriander-flavoured sauce and dried coriander flakes. It costs 6.6 Chinese Yuan – roughly AUD$1.45.

While this may sound like a bad joke (even for coriander lovers), the unusual menu item is indeed no joke and is being trialled in China this week, from Monday 21 February until Friday 25 February.

It’s safe to say the Cilantro Sundae has already divided the internet. Some social media users were quick to label the bizarre new flavour as a ‘nightmare’ and ‘unappetising’.

“Really glad they’re on the other side of the planet. I want that thing as far away from me as possible,” one person said.

“This is like a really BAD nightmare come true,” another wrote.

“I absolutely love coriander but not on sweet stuff,” one online user said.

However, die-hard coriander fans appeared thrilled with the new unusual sundae flavour.

“Dear McDonald’s, when is coriander sundae ice cream coming to Singapore?” one woman asked.

“I’d be keen to try it to see what all the fuss is about,” another person wrote.

Those who’ve already tried the new sundae say it tastes more like lime and mint, than coriander.

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