McDonald’s set to launch fancy crème brûlée desserts

Oui! The secret is out − McDonald’s is adding two crème brûlée desserts to its menu, including a crème brûlée pie and McFlurry. Note to self: do not drool.

A Sydney foodie shared the news on TikTok and people are already going wild over Macca’s latest dessert items, although they will only be available in select McDonald’s restaurants from this week and probably for a limited time.

The fast-food giant is still keeping locations and specifics like the price on the hush.

@adrianwidjy Received so many questions, so these r the alleged locations for today’s release @mcdonaldsau 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ ! #placesinsydney #mcdonalds #mcflurry ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie

The crème brûlée pie is just like the classic McDonald’s crispy apple pie but served with a warm filling of sweet caramel and custard.

Macca’s new crème brûlée McFlurry comes with soft-serve ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce and sprinkled with sweet and crunchy pie pieces.

Social media users are already anticipating the crème brûlée desserts will be a big hit.

“This is big news and I’m not missing out,” one person wrote.

“You can’t go wrong with custard and caramel!” another said.

Prices for McDonald’s crème brûlée pie and McFlurry have yet to be advertised.

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