McDonald’s now FINALLY has oat milk on the McCafé menu!

McDonald’s has added a cult favourite milk aka oat milk on the McCafé drinks menu!

The fast-food giant made the announcement on its official social media pages.

Macca’s has partnered with MILKLAB to offer the new-dairy free option for coffees, smoothies, and frappes, although additional charges will apply and oat milk will only be available at participating restaurants.

‘Together, at last. MILKLAB Oat Milk has officially joined the McCafé line-up,’ the caption read on Facebook and Instagram.

While most people were excited about the news, some Aussies had mixed feelings.

“Participating only? That part is disappointing. Should be standard,” one user said.

“Stop charging additional costs for those with dietary requirements or don’t wish to fund the horrific dairy industry,” another person said.

“It is not milk! It’s closer to a juice… you cannot ‘milk’ an oat,” one commenter wrote.

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