PSA: You can now get chilled MILO in stores & petrol stations

Forget slushies – you can now slurp on chilled MILO in select petrol stations and convenience stores across Australia!

Nestlé Professional is currently offering businesses a free 30-day trial of the Nestlé CoolPro, a chilled drinks dispenser designed to serve MILO at a cool 7°C with a press of a button. The machine can also produce other cold beverages including Nestea Lemon, Nescafé Ice, and Sjora Mango Peach.

Milo drink dispenser

According to Nestlé Professional, 65% of Aussies enjoy their MILO cold.

“Proudly made in Australia, MILO has been an iconic part of Australian life for generations and is loved by teens and families alike,” Nestlé Professional Oceania General Manager, Scott Stuckmann, said. 

“Having a convenient ready-made chilled MILO drink for the hot summer months is sure to be a huge drawcard for operators. The strong demand for this iconic taste is a key reason for launching Iced MILO in our CoolPro system.” 

Milo machines in Australia

The CoolPro is said to be suitable for restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, quick service retail, and entertainment venues.  So, who knows where you’ll find one next!?

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Picture credit: Food Magazine.

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