5 lies & 2 truths about online dating, as revealed by Aussies

While singles can now mingle and find love at just the swipe (right) of a button, the wide world of online dating is still fraught with many myths and misconceptions. A recent survey of nearly 800 online dating users by Canstar Blue has turned up some interesting insights on the experiences of single Aussies on their quest to find love online.

And of course, we’re here to kiss and tell and reveal common myths and truths about online dating.

1. People who use online dating are only looking for casual relationships

Lie: That’s a porky. Most people who use online dating apps are looking to find a suitable long-term partner (35%), according to our latest survey. With that said, 16% of Aussies also did admit to using online dating services out of boredom or to simply make friends (15%). So, how successful are dating apps at helping people find lurrvee? Well, a fifth of online dating users (20%) said they’ve met a long-term partner through an online dating site! Romance is definitely in the air (or rather, in the digital clouds)!

2. Castfishing and ghosting happen A LOT in online dating

Catfishing online

Truth: Dating behind a screen makes it easier for people to sometimes misrepresent their personal qualities, interests, and appearance. In reality, 23% of Aussies we surveyed said they’ve been catfished online and have met with someone who didn’t match their profile (i.e. photo, personality, relationship status, age, etc.), while a small portion (11%) even admitted to having used an out-of-date picture of themselves on a dating site to look more attractive. Rejection without closure is also prevalent – a third of respondents (30%) said they’ve been ghosted or blocked on dating apps.

3. Good looks are the only thing people look for when dating online

Lie: Not all online dating users are Shallow Hals! Our survey found that the top characteristic(s) most Aussies look for in a potential partner is a good personality, in addition to finding someone with similar values or interests (74%), followed by physical attractiveness (57%) and good humour (52%).

4. A café is the best place to meet someone from a dating app

Man and woman date at a cafe

Truth: Oxytocin (the love hormone) and coffee do mix! Meeting up at a café seemed to be the most common choice for a casual first date among nearly half of the online dating users we surveyed (44%), followed by drinks at a bar or pub (23%) and meeting in a park (10%).

5. People know not to share personal photos with someone they’ve met online

Lie: A quarter of Aussies who’ve used a dating app (25%) have sent personal photos (i.e. selfies, etc) to someone they’ve met online, suggesting many people aren’t scared of showing their real sides, although most people (35%) still wait a certain amount of time before meeting with someone in person (i.e. a week, a month, etc.). This is perhaps a sound idea considering that 27% of people surveyed had a negative dating experience with someone they met online.

6. You should never split the bill on the first date

Split the bill online dating

Lie: In this modern day and age, there is no real obligation to pick up the whole tab on the first date, although some people still prefer to cover the bill if they’ve initiated the date. With that said, two in five Aussies we surveyed (43%) said they’re happy to split the bill 50/50 on the first date.

7. Most people only use one dating app at a time

Lie: It seems most Aussies aren’t willing to put all their eggs in one basket when it comes to finding love online. In fact, 39% of people surveyed have tried multiple dating sites and apps, and nearly a third of people (19%) currently have profiles or accounts on multiple dating sites. The more the merrier, right?

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