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Grocery shopping is something that all households have to do, yet research by Roy Morgan finds that – unlike almost everything else we buy – shopping online for groceries is still definitely a niche market.

According to the survey, only 3.0% of main grocery buyers in a household (approximately 389,000 people) do their supermarket shopping via the internet in an average four week period. Not surprisingly,  parents with children aged under-16 in the household are much more likely than people from childless households to buy their groceries this way, particularly when the kids are between 0-2 years (8.6 %) and 3-5 (8.5%).

So why aren’t more household buying groceries online? Perhaps because ALDI doesn’t offer the service.

According to Canstar Blue’s 2015 supermarket customer satisfaction survey, ALDI receives a solid five-star rating for overall satisfaction, value for money, available deals and quality of private label items. Perhaps shoppers simply aren’t willing to give up that satisfaction for the convenience of shopping at home. According to the survey, more than 70% of Aussies pay close attention to supermarket specials and price wars between the big chains.

Andrew Price, General Manager – Consumer Products, Roy Morgan Research, is optimistic that Aussies will move online.

“If supermarkets continue to invest in their e-commerce platforms, and introduce cheaper delivery and online loyalty schemes, it’s likely that the number of Aussie grocery-buyers shopping this way will continue to grow,” he said.

“Of the major supermarkets, a higher proportion of Woolworths and Coles customers make supermarket purchases online than those who usually shop at ALDI and IGA. Currently, ALDI only offers alcohol online… while IGA have not yet expanded into e-commerce, which limits their loyal customers’ options.”

How much do we spend at the supermarket?

According to Canstar Blue’s research, the average weekly supermarket spend of survey respondents was $138, with those aged in their 40s spending the most.

There were also some subtle variations between supermarkets, with ALDI shoppers spending the least and IGA customers the most.

Supermarket chain   ALDI           Coles        Foodland  IGA   Woolworths
$ spend per week $126 $134             $134 $150          $142

Source: Canstar Blue supermarket survey 2015. Reported weekly spend of 2921 respondents.

While 23% of adults have switched supermarkets in the last year, those aged in their 30s were the most likely to look elsewhere for their groceries (30%), Along with those aged 18-29, they were also the most convinced that savings could be made by taking their money elsewhere (56%). And those in their 30s and 40s were the most likely to closely follow special offers (75%).

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