Posties gather at national muster to support men in crisis


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Posties and other postie bike riders gathered in September ahead of the national muster rally, which turns Maitland into the postie bike capital of the world every year.

Postie Bikes Australia organised a Saturday meet-up five weeks ahead of the national muster to raise funds for the Hunter Valley Men’s Crisis Support mission. This charity helps men living it tough in the Lower Hunter region, so Warrick Penfold, founder of Postie Bikes Australia, and his brother, Maitland City councillor Philip Penfold, have made it their charity of choice.

Councillor Penfold said: “Bike riders are mostly men and so they understand and support the cause of helping men in need.”

On the day, the riders displayed their bikes, ate a sausage sizzle, and sold raffle tickets for the coveted prize of a Honda CT110 postie bike. The winner was drawn at the national muster.

The national muster saw 126 riders participate in the rally events at Maitland. Riders came to the Hunter from as far away as Queensland and Victoria, to show off their two-wheeled creations and race for victory.

The postie bike of choice

In 2015, we surveyed Australians on what they think about the courier services they use, and most customers said their biggest driver of satisfaction was speed and reliability of deliveries.

Since, you’ll be pleased to know that the postie bike of choice for our 2015 and 2014 winner Australia Post, the Honda CT110, is a very reliable vehicle.

Its 7.6 horsepower engine, simple design, reliability and fuel economy make it an environmentally friendly choice. Their clutchless, four-speed transmission lets a postie deliver the mail with their left hand while driving the bike with their right.

But they are popular with more people than just posties, since Honda began selling a model available for public road use in 2009. Thanks to how easy it is to customise the body, this little bike has since developed quite a cult following, and have been the biggest-selling motorbike in Australia for the past 10 years.

“They certainly are head-turners,” said Councillor Penfold. “People see them as quirky.”

Read more about the courier services customer satisfaction award and what Aussies think of courier services on our website.

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