Private labels: What Aussies want

Despite Australia’s supermarkets increasing their focus on their own branded goods, there are still plenty of grocery items that Aussies are reluctant to buy cheaper, private label version of, a new Canstar Blue study shows.

Just over 3,000 adults were asked which supermarket products they would be happy to buy private label equivalents of, with only a handful securing positive feedback from 50% or more of respondents.

The grocery items Aussies are most willing to buy private label versions of are:

  • Bread & other bakery goods: 54%
  • Milk: 54%
  • Dried food (e.g. pasta or rice): 50%
  • Eggs: 50%
  • Household cleaning products: 50%

Other notable items include frozen foods (44%), dairy items such as butter and cheese (42%), canned goods like baked beans and soup (41%), and meat or seafood products (38%).

The items Aussies are least willing to buy private label equivalents of are:

  • Baby food: 10%
  • Baby products (e.g. nappies, baby wipes): 16%
  • Hot beverages (e.g. tea, coffee): 23%
  • Pet food: 24%
  • Ready-made meals: 24%

Other notable items include soft drinks (29%), breakfast cereal (30%), fruit juice or cordial (31%), toiletries such as toilet paper or toothpaste (34%), snacks like potato chips and chocolate (34%), and packaged fruit and vegetables (37%).

“There are clearly still certain items that consumers are not prepared to skimp on, and it seems children and pets come first,” said Megan Doyle, Head of Canstar Blue.

“Just 14% of survey respondents said they are not willing to buy any supermarket private labels, so there is clearly a very strong market for them. However, when it comes to baby products in particular, the vast majority of consumers are just not willing to compromise on perceived quality.”

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