Should you hire a private tutor?

A huge number of secondary school students in Australia receive additional assistance from private tutors. Hiring a private tutor can be a very effective way to reinforce the lessons taught at school, but it may require a substantial financial investment, writes Kenny Wong of Tutors Field Australia.

You’re typically looking at anywhere from $25 to over $65 per 30 session for one-on-one tutoring, depending on the tutor’s experience and qualifications. The fee can also add up fast if your child requires multiple sessions during the school term. Here are couple of ways that you could reduce the costs of hiring a tutor:

Name your rate and ask for free trial

One-on-one tutoring in the home or your chosen location is the most expensive option, but it is very customisable and convenient, and always leads to the best results. If you decide to go with this option, you might start at a site such as, which all allow parents to search through local private tutors by subject, location and budget. But rather than searching from online, instead you can craft a specific job post that specifying your requirements and budgets. That way, you can keep that costs in your parameters and only those who are comfortable with your budget will apply.

Tutors Field Australia is a new online platform that parents can use when finding local tutoring discounts and free trial sessions. You will be surprised by the number of tutors who are happy to arrange free trial sessions. Free trial session is very important in a way that you can see if your child feels comfortable working with the tutor.

Local community centres

Your local community centres or libraries may invite volunteer tutors to visit and couple of hours to teach a large group of students from time to time. This service can be a great resource for your child if he or she is struggling with homework assignment. However, these programs won’t be best fit if your child needs more attentions as volunteer tutor may need to take care of multiple students at a time.

Do your homework

There are lots of things you can do before the tutoring session even begins that will help you to maximise the tutor’s impact, and reduce the time will be wasted during the tutoring session. Share your goals, concerns and the academic history with your tutor will help tutor to formulate the best study plan for your child. Be specific, such as bring past assignments and homework would help tutor to recognise what your child doesn’t know and most relevant struggles.

Search for free tutorials online

There are many educators around the world sharing their knowledge and experience on the internet. For instance, if you want to learn guitar or piano, you can always visit YouTube and search for free tutorials. You may also find free tutorials created by Australian educators on their blogs.

Check for promotional offers

If you decide to go with a tutoring college, remember to check their websites to see if they offer any financial incentives for customers. Some colleges offer coupons for new students.

Also ask other parents to see if you can put together a small group of students with similar academic needs. Select a tutor who has the appropriate experience and negotiate a group discount. Split the discounted cost with the other parents and remember to keep the group less than five students so each student will still get individual attentions.

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