Worst Mother’s Day gifts

According to research just released by McCrindle Research, Mother’s Day is regarded as the most meaningful special day by Australians, superseding the importance placed on Remembrance Day, Valentine’s Day, and even Father’s Day. In fact, almost half of Australians rank Mother’s Day as their most significant special day of the year (excluding public holidays).

So it’s perhaps surprising that, asking around the Canstar office, so many people admit to giving (and receiving) a less than terrific gift. Some of the office highlights included the following:

The not so good…

A t-shirt with my face on it with a dodgy moustache and a creepy smile.

A friend of mine in high school gave his mum a frying pan, and apparently she started crying.   She obviously didn’t have a passion for cooking like he thought.

When I was about 11, I gave my mum some kids’ bubble bath because I know she enjoyed having relaxing baths.  She laughed because she thought it was cute.  However, I now realize she was laughing because I got it so wrong.  I should have spent the extra few dollars and got the nice bath salts instead.

One year, my father rejected all advice from his three daughters and went out to purchase the mother’s day gift – a shiny new lawnmower!  It did not go down well.  Terrible/inappropriate presents are now referred to as “lawnmower presents” in our house.  He followed up another year with an iron.  Some people never learn.

When I was a kid, a $2 pair of thongs from the chemist with newspaper instead of wrapping paper…

The downright selfish…

I think an air-compressor is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.

A big block of my favourite chocolate!

The nothing at all…

Well, Mum lives in England, and their Mother’s Day is a different day. Soooooo, she’s not really getting anything…

I haven’t bought a mother’s day or father’s day gift for about 10 years.

“Does no gift count? What is worse, a bad gift or no gift at all?” The question was posed by a staff member and according to McCrindle Research, the answer is emphatically that no gift at all is far worse!

According to the McCrindle Research survey respondents, mothers repeatedly said that the worst ‘gifts’ they had received are ‘no-gifts’ – having their spouse/children forget the day altogether, not receiving a gift or only receiving only a card, or even having mother’s day plans cancelled at the last minute.

Some food for thought for kids wanting to be in the good books…

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