Vice and Amaysim launch ‘At Home With Amaysim’ web series


Feeling bored in isolation? Amaysim and Vice have teamed up to bring you ‘At Home With Amaysim’ a social media collaboration providing Australians with some lockdown entertainment.

‘At Home With Amaysim’ is a variety-style web series, which you can stream from Amaysim’s Facebook page. The show will take place on Wednesday and Saturday nights, starting at 6pm, and the first episode has now aired.

The show is hosted by musicians Kymie and Donny Benét, and involves live music performances filmed on smartphones, cooking demonstrations, home workouts, relationship and beauty tips, and more.

It’s a unique mix of entertainment and relief, with the ultimate goals of keeping people entertained in isolation and helping viewers emerge from the current pandemic with new skills.

“Much like the broader Australian population, Amaysim has a diverse customer base with a range of unique interests, so we felt an old school variety show would be the best way to feed their hunger for content while also supporting the arts and hospitality industries which are suffering due to the coronavirus restrictions,” said Amaysim Chief Marketing Officer, Renee Garner.

The series is hosted in living rooms of the show’s guests who include some well-known Aussie comedians, musicians, artists, chefs and fitness experts. A sexologist, astronomist, botanical stylist, yoga expert and nail expert will also be featured on the show.

How can I watch At Home With Amaysim?

You can catch At Home With Amaysim on the official Amaysim Facebook page, which you can find here. The show streams on the Facebook page at 6pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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