Australia’s favourite Netflix shows revealed

Everyone with a Netflix subscription will tell you about their favourite shows – even if you don’t want to hear about them – but a new survey from Canstar Blue has revealed Australia’s ultimate list of recommendations.

“If you’re in need of something new to binge, this is the list you need,” said Canstar Blue Editor Simon Downes. “Every school and workplace in the country will be full of debate about the best shows on Netflix – including our own office – so just for fun we decided to put the question out there and find out which shows really are the most popular.

“While some of the top 20 shows were expected, the results also reveal some more surprising favourites. If you wouldn’t normally watch something based on a single recommendation from Dave in IT, let this list guide you to your next favourite show.”

The list of Australia’s top 20 Netflix shows is based on the feedback of more than 1,200 adults, with the survey conducted over December-January 2018/19. Respondents were not prompted to select a show from a pre-determined list, but to type in the name of their personal favourite.

Australia’s top 20 Netflix shows:

  • You
  • Stranger Things
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Riverdale
  • The Crown
  • Vikings
  • The Good Place
  • Suits
  • Outlander
  • Black Mirror
  • Narcos
  • House of Cards
  • Lucifer
  • Grace and Frankie
  • Shameless
  • Dynasty
  • Daredevil
  • Ozark
  • Vampire Diaries

“We all know Netflix has some awesome content but when you see all the shows listed like this you realise just what amazing value it offers,” said Mr Downes. “Other popular shows of recent years, like The Sinner and 12 Reasons Why, couldn’t even make the top 20 overall.”

Here’s the trailer for You, so you can see what all the fuss is about:

Favourite Netflix shows by age, gender, state

The survey also revealed how Australia’s favourite shows vary based on age, gender and even location:

Favourite Netflix shows by age group

  • You is overwhelming more popular with subscribers aged 18-29 than any other age group. The same is true for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Riverdale. There are the top three shows for this age group.
  • Stranger Things is easily the most popular show of subscribers aged in their 30s, ahead of Orange is the New Black, The Good Place, Narcos and Shameless.
  • Stranger Things, The Crown, Vikings and Daredevil are the most popular shows of those in their 40s.
  • Vikings is the favourite show of Netflix viewers aged in their 50s, closely followed by Orange is the New Black, The Crown, House of Cards and Grace and Frankie.
  • The Crown is comfortably the most popular Netflix show of those aged in their 60s, with House of Cards the closest challenger, ahead of Narcos and Lucifer.
  • The 70+ age group is particularly fond of Outlander, with The Crown, House of Cards and The Sinner also popular.

Favourite Netflix shows by age gender

  • You is overwhelming more people with women than men.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Orange is the New Black, Riverdale and The Good Place are other popular choices for the ladies.
  • Vikings, Narcos, House of Cards and Daredevil are the most popular picks for the men.

Favourite Netflix shows by state

  • You is more popular in Queensland than anywhere else. The same is true for Suits.
  • NSW Netflix subscribers love Stranger Things more than anything else, while Victorians like Ozark and Narcos.
  • Vikings is most popular in South Australia, while subscribers in Western Australia are easily the biggest fans of Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror.
  • Riverdale, Outlander and Shameless are clearly most popular in Tasmania.

Stay tuned – we’ll be updating this list in the near future.

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