The Best Dramas on BINGE

BINGE is packed full of dramas ready to make you laugh, sigh, weep, scream and beg for more. With it’s ever-expanding library of outstanding quality of shows, BINGE makes sure there is a series for everything and everyone, but if you’re overwhelmed by the choice, Canstar Blue is here to help. Listed below are, in this authors opinion, the best dramas – movies and TV shows – streaming on BINGE. Get ready, grab the remote…and go!

Best dramas on BINGE

It was hard to narrow down the list, so we’ve listed 10 shows and five movies in BINGE’s drama category that will draw you in. The top 10 TV dramas on BINGE include:

  • I May Destroy You
  • True Detective
  • Watchmen
  • The Act
  • America
  • LoveCraft Country
  • Big Little Lies
  • Chernobyl
  • Time
  • Valley of Tears

While if you’re looking for a movie-length drama, here are the top five movie dramas on BINGE:

  • Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always
  • Bad Education
  • Richard Jewell
  • Satellite Boy
  • The Assistant

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Best TV Show Dramas on BINGE

I May Destroy You

Michaelia Cole, of Chewing Gum fame, plays Arabella, a young, popular and very famous author from London. One morning she wakes up after a night out and realises she has been assaulted. She has to rely on the help of her friends to put together the pieces to figure out what happened. Based very much on Cole’s own real experience, the drama is a deeply unsettling watch but is a mesmerising interpretation of how a person puts themselves back together in the aftermath of trauma.

True Detective

There are three, very different seasons of this standout detective show, but each one delivers its own special brand of weird, creepy and mesmerising. Set in varying eras between 1980 and the mid-2010s, each season operates on the premise of two grizzled detectives, out to solve a seemingly simple case. What follows is always a labyrinthine chase which never leads them where they expect. Set aside a few hours because you will find it very hard to leave the couch.



The title might remind you of the very clunky movie of the same name, but you should banish the thought; the Watchmen series is something totally new. Taking place 34 years after the events in the comic, the world is twisted and vigilantes are now wanted criminals. The city of Tulsa, Oklahoma is overrun by a white supremacist group called the Seventh Kavalry and the police force is working full time to stop their activities. As a result, they must cover their faces with masks, to protect their identity, making them vigilantes in the eyes of the government. Police officer Angela Abar, who moonlights as vigilante Sister Knight, is determined to discover who is behind the Kavalry and bring them to justice. In her search, she learns she is connected to it all, and that the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre could be the key to the current day chaos. Unfortunately, this one is limited at nine episodes, so enjoy every bit while you can.

Mrs. America

It’s not often that an antihero gets their own shining spotlight, and it’s even rarer when that antihero is also an anti-feminist, anti-gay conservative loudmouth like Phyllis Schlafly. But, as every good show teaches us, there’s more beneath the surface. Mrs. America is the story of Phyllis Schlafly, who saw the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment as an opportunity to realise her political dreams. When hundreds of house wives across America saw themselves forgotten in the tidal wave of the 1970’s feminist movement, Schlafly pounced on the prospect to head them, and flaunt her leadership skills in the process. Together they flew in the face of Gloria Steinem and her supporters, and carved a wedge through what could have been one of the most progressive eras in American politics.

The Act

The events of The Act seem too bizarre to be real, but it really all did happen. The eight-part series showcases the manipulative and evil relationship between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, a disease where you insist someone else is very sick, so you can fulfil a caretaker role. For nearly 25 years, Dee Dee Blanchard made Gypsy Rose believe she had leukemia, that she needed a wheelchair and a feeding tube, that she suffered from sleep apnoea, asthma, hearing and visual impairments and made her undergo countless surgeries and take a ton of different medications. In reality Gypsy Rose was perfectly healthy. After talking to a boy online and slowly learning the truth, Gypsy Rose takes out the ultimate revenge on her mother. Get settled in for some of the weirdest true crime you’ve ever seen.

Mr. Inbetween

Maybe Mr. Inbetween is drama or maybe it’s dark comedy, but it’s definitely good. Ryan Shoesmith is Mr. Inbetween; a doting father, a loving boyfriend, a generous carer and an excellent hitman. He does his best to get by but, occasionally, his profession gets in the way. The perfectly understated and desert dry humour make it comedy gold while the insanity and violent world of money-for-murder don’t let you forget it’s a drama. If you haven’t tuned in to this soon-to-be Aussie classic, you’re missing out.

LoveCraft Country

If you can take the occasional horror moment in your drama, then you’re all set for LoveCraft Country. Atticus Finch returns from the Korean war to his hometown, Chicago, to find his father missing. The only clue is a letter left by his father inviting him to take a trip to discover his family secrets. Together with his friend Leti, Atticus sets off across a segregated 1950’s America. As if that wasn’t horror enough, the two quickly encounter a whole array of terrifying monsters which follow them to their final destination. Lovecraft purists might want to give this one a miss, but if you love mysteries, monsters and unlikely heroes, this drama is a winner.

Big Little Lies

Oof, it’s the show that, since it’s release, has become synonymous with draaamaaa. Three wealthy mums and their families are living the dream life in bougie Moneterey, California. However, everything comes undone when a murder is committed in the town and long dead secrets and buried tensions suddenly bubble to the surface. The fallout is worth three seasons. That’s all we could tell you without dropping spoilers…


You would be forgiven for thinking Chernobyl belongs more in the horror category than the drama genre. The mini series is a painstaking journey from the moments before the nuclear plant exploded to the incomprehensible aftermath that followed. There have been many movies, series and documentaries made around the Ukrainian disaster, but Chernobyl stands out for its focus on the lesser known stories of the fire fighters, nurses, doctors and volunteers who put their lives on the line to save the rest of the country. Aside from the fascinating story, this series also stars some incredible actors who more than do the tragedy justice.


Being a three-part series, Time is short, but sweet. The series fixates on Mark Cobden, formerly a teacher but now imprisoned for a mysterious crime. Cobden is out of his depth in the prison environment and soon turns to a friendly guard, Eric McNally for help. Eric does everything he can for Mark but it’s not long before the other prisoners start to turn on both of them, creating an impossible situation and the ultimate test of loyalties. It burns fast but hard, so if you’re low on time but are craving the drama, it’s the perfect fix.

Valley of Tears

Valley of Tears took on a gargantuan task in attempting to depict the series of events that led to the current day conflict in the Middle East, which is probably why it took 10 years to make. The series looks at the day the Yom Kippur War broke out, from the perspective of three characters who were immediately immersed in the action. History buffs and drama devotees alike will definitely appreciate this gripping ride.

Best Drama Movies on BINGE

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always

There has been a recent swell in road trip and abortion movies (yeah that’s fast becoming a genre), but this one is the best of the two combined. When 17-year-old Autumn finds out she is pregnant, she is desperate to get an abortion, but can’t in her home state of Pennsylvania without parental consent. She makes a plan with her outgoing cousin Skylar to travel to New York where she can legally undergo the operation. The two young girls must face days and nights on the street as they wait for the critical procedure. Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always is filmed like a documentary with cinematic finesse, creating a hard hitting drama about an ever-relevant issue.

Bad Education

Who said school was boring? Bad Education makes it seem like tons of fun. It’s the true story of a school super attendant and his assistant who committed the largest embezzlement in American history. While pretending they were working hard to make Roslyn Union the number one school in the country, they were really abusing fraudulent credit cards, creating fake companies and financing home renovations on the taxpayers’ expense. Together, Dr. Frank Tassone and Pam Gluckin embezzled over $11 million during their time at Roslyn Union Free School District. You would think that master criminals like this would have been caught by the police or even FBI but no, it was a student on a school newspaper who uncovered the crime of the century, and sent both Tassone and Gluckin to prison. It’s definitely got its drama, but the absurdity of the situation makes this film a good laugh as well.

Richard Jewell

If you loved Mall Cop but thought it needed a few more high stakes thrills, you’ll probably love Richard Jewell. In 1996, a bomb is found in Centennial Park where the Summer Olympics are being held. A security officer finds it in time, and warns everybody, saving countless lives with his actions. Not too far away, a paper called the Atlanta-Journal Constitution picks up the story and runs a very different line; the security guard isn’t a hero at all, but a wannabe cop who planted the bomb himself so everyone would think he was the town saviour. What follows is a classic David and Goliath story, where a small time nobody and his struggling lawyer must take the fight to the FBI to win justice.

Satellite Boy

Cinema royalty David Gulpilil stars in Satellite Boy, an Australian drama about home and country. 12-year-old Pete lives in a disused drive-in theatre with his grandfather Jagamurra in the outskirts of the Kimberly. When Pete learns that his home is going to be bulldozed by a mining company, he is determined to find out who is in charge and stop them before he loses everything. He convinces his friend Kalmain to make the weekend bicycle trip with him to the city, but the boys soon become lost. Pete and Kalmain must remember everything Jagamurra taught them if they are to survive in the outback and complete their mission. The movie packs a lot in: it’s an emotional journey between the old and new worlds, a refreshing adventure, a significant coming of age passage and an amazing bird’s eye view of the stunning Kimberley landscape. Definitely a drama for the whole family.

The Assistant

Eerily echoing the current climate of the movie business, The Assistant gets right to the heart of workplace harassment. Jane is a junior assistant who has just been employed at a major New York film production company. Although, as everyone constantly reminds her, her job is an amazing opportunity, the reality is a lot grimmer. She gets to the office before anyone else, empties the rubbish bins, cleans the desks, scrubs the stains from her boss’s couch and spends her days fielding calls from his wife, asking where he is. Despite never seeing the boss himself, the chores Jane has to undergo soon make it clear what kind of workplace he runs. Slowly, Jane starts to understand where she is, and must decide whether she will make a stand or remain complicit. Despite having very little dialogue, Jane Turner brings all the creepy thrills as she perfectly embodies the apathetic bystander whose actions, or lack thereof, allow the culture of abuse to flourish.

With no shortage of drama options available to watch on BINGE, if you’re after something a bit more light-hearted, why not check out the best comedy movies and shows on BINGE, or why not go even lighter with a few Disney classics over on Disney+?

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